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SFB elects 2005-06 members funds White Ribbon Campaign

The Student Finance Board (SFB) introduced newly elected members at last week’s meeting, the day after the polls closed.

The board also heard a last-minute request from the White Ribbon Campaign for a sexual violence awareness program.

The 2005-06 executive board will consist of: Julia Pratt, chairperson; Danielle Grinblat, director of finance; Kyle Brownlie, assistant chairperson; Jonathan Borst, director of communication; Kobi Wilmot, director of external relations; Steven Oliveira, junior accountant.

The general board for 2005-06 will include: Jocelyn Charlon, senior representative; Omar Selim and John Trahanas, junior representatives; Cyril Kurian and Erica Klazmer, sophomore representatives; Ravi Kaneriya, representative at-large; Blair Gumnic, vice president of administration and finance.

At the beginning of Fall 2005 semester, elections will be held for freshman representatives and a senior representative.

Tim Asher is returning as the SFB adviser. “I lost the lottery,” he said, joking. “I’m your advisor again.”

Craig Gross, former chairperson, highlighted the positive traits of each member of the 200405 board. “You are all phenomenal,” Gross said. “This is the most important organization on campus.”

The transition dinner, where old members say farewell to the board, was held at Wildflower’s Restaurant in Pennington.

The dinner was paid for by SFB’s fundraising line.

All members of this year’s board attended, except for Klazmer who had her last swing class to attend. “That’s why we cut your funding,” Borst, jokingly referring to the Swing Club’s budget, said.

Pratt spoke to the new board about what she had planned for the coming year. She said she wanted to make SFB even more useful and organized. “You’re not here as a biology major,” she said, explaining the purpose of SFB. “You’re not here for your particular interests. You are representing the entire College community.”

The White Ribbon Campaign requested $216 for a program to facilitate awareness of sexual violence.

It was put together by a Politics of Sexuality class and was co-sponsored by the White Ribbon Campaign.

The White Ribbon Campaign is a group of men working to end men’s perpetration of violence against women. The program will be in the Don Evans Black Box Theatre today and is open to all.

Tim Ross, a student of the class and a senior military science instructor, spoke on behalf of the class and the White Ribbon Campaign.

“(The program) is going on regardless,” Ross said.

He told the board that expenses already incurred had been paid for out-of-pocket by those involved in the program, and he said that if SFB didn’t allocate any funds for the program, they would pay for it all themselves.

Kaneriya brought up a concern. “We’ve been having this problem all year,” he said, “with classes coming to SFB for money.”

He continued, “departments and classes who are short on money come to SFB, under the guise of student organizations, for money.”

Later, when explaining the process to the new members and detailing why Kaneriya expressed concern, Pratt said, “We don’t fund classes, we fund organizations … We, as an organization, have to be a little more tough on people,” she explained.

About the program, Selim said, “It looks like it will help the community, I don’t see a problem with it.”

The vote on $216 did not pass, but after $50 for refreshments was cut, the motion passed 11-1-0.


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