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On Saturday, Oct. 29, at 2:30 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Wolfe Hall on a report that an unidentified male had wandered into a room and vomited on the floor.

The victim told officers that the male visitor who entered her room had been in the room next to hers earlier that night. She told the officer that she heard a knock on her door and, assuming it was another friend, told the person to come in.

At this time, the male visitor pushed past the student and entered her room. The student told the visitor she did not know him and requested that he leave. When he did not respond, she went to find someone to help her.

When the student returned, her roommate informed her that the visitor had vomited on the floor in her closet. The visitor was still in the room and unresponsive to requests to leave. The residents of the room finally pushed the man out of the room.

After taking the student’s statement, the officer knocked on the next door down and the resident answered. A second male visitor was vomiting in the sink.

The resident and the three visitors in the room were all found to be intoxicated. The accused visitor was identified, and all four were evaluated by Lions’ EMS.

The accused visitor and his friends then cleaned the students’ room. They were brought to Campus Police Headquarters and issued municipal ordinances for underage consumption of alcohol before being released.


On Saturday, Oct. 15, at 1:10 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to New Residence Hall on a report of an unconscious female.

Upon arrival, an officer observed a female student staggering down the third floor hallway. The officer observed a strong odor of alcohol on the student’s breath and clothing.

The student identified herself as a resident of the floor. When asked where her room was, the student staggered to a room different than the number she told the officer, insisting that she was in front of her door.

The officer told the student to sit on the floor and wait for Lions’ EMS treatment. Professional staff also responded to the scene and identified the student as the unconscious female reported to Campus Police.

When questioned, the student could not recall what she did earlier in the night, or how much alcohol she had consumed. At this time, staff decided to transport the student to Capital Health System-Mercer Campus for medical treatment.

While awaiting the arrival of Pennington First Aid Squad, the student became argumentative and told the officer she “knew people” who could “get him in trouble.”

There is no further information at this time.


On Sunday, Oct. 16, at 1:40 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Wolfe Hall on a report of an intoxicated female.

Lions’ EMS was treating the female student when Campus Police arrived at the scene. The student told an officer that she had consumed “eight or nine” shots of vodka earlier that night. The student had subsequently vomited several times on the floor of her room and on herself.

Pennington First Aid Squad was contacted and transported the student to Capital Health System-Fuld Campus.

There is no further information at this time.


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