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Sodexho considers legal action against ‘Kleptomaniacs’

Sodexho Dining Services is considering taking action against students in an Internet group called Eickhoff Kleptomaniacs, according to an announcement at last week’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting by Leo Inglima, sophomore class president and Sodexho liaison.

In an e-mail interview after the meeting, he said that it would not be far-fetched for Sodexho to take legal action against students who admitted to theft on the Web site

The fact that students may be punished for things they have written on the Web site brings up interesting questions, like whether Campus Police could arrest underage students who admit to drinking on the site.

“It makes the students look stupid when we make claims that there are not enough forks and then Sodexho finds out that students are stealing utensils, plates, trays, etc.,” Inglima said. He added that creating such facebook groups as Eickhoff Kleptomaniacs undermines the student’s credibility in dealing with Sodexho.

There are at least eight other facebook groups that criticize Eickhoff or Sodexho, including groups such as “Sodexho is Evil” and “I’ve almost (or actually Have) Been Run Over By Those Damn Tray Carts in Eickhoff.”

Inglima left messages on some of the groups’ message boards telling them how to officially file their complaints.

Also at the meeting, Annelise Catanzaro, executive president, announced that Dan Beckelman, former senator at-Large, had resigned from SGA. He was not present at the meeting.

Catanzaro followed the announcement by urging SGA members to bring their personal issues with other SGA members or policies to her.

In Beckelman’s resignation letter, made available after the meeting, he said one of his reasons for resigning was to examine certain issues, “particularly in dealing with those whom I disagree with” (see story, page 1).

Marcus White, junior class vice president, was appointed as the new lobbying chair in place of Beckelman.

SGA also approved the creation of a new third-party political group, TCNJ Libertarians. Johannes Wachs, the spokesperson for Libertarians at the meeting, said his group plans to get speakers to come to campus, increase political discussion at the College and spread Libertarian ideals.

Ravi Kaneriya, senator at-Large, introduced a proposal to allow students to present motions in SGA general body meetings as long as they first petition and got a specified amount of signatures. He made the proposal in response to a point made the week before by associate member Eric Pasternack that speaking rights in SGA meetings are linked to voting rights.

Kaneriya also introduced a resolution that would ask the administration to alert students of dangers to their security within 24 hours of finding out about a threat.

TCNJ Robotics and a reformed constitution for the American Civil Liberties Union were both brought before SGA to be discussed, but after closed sessions, both were redirected back to SGA committees.


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