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SGA searching for VP, secretary

The Student Government Association (SGA) had its first meeting of the year last week, although it lacked an executive vice president and a secretary.

Christine Cullen conducted her first meeting as executive president after ascending to the position in the wake of Eric Pasternack’s removal from office.

Cullen opened the position of executive vice president to anyone in SGA who has at least one year of experience. “I’d really love to have (an executive vice president) as soon as possible,” she said. The selection process began last weekend when candidates for the position turned in applications. Cullen reviewed the applications and an executive vice president will be chosen at today’s SGA meeting.

Cullen, who originally ran for executive vice president, took over after Pasternack was put on probation for an alcohol violation that breached the Student Leadership Criteria.

The position of SGA secretary is also still open. Cullen said she would prefer the secretary to be someone who is not currently in SGA. The secretary gets a $200 stipend per semester and is responsible for noting the minutes of each week’s meeting.

The first meeting was primarily internal SGA affairs, such as deciding meeting times and announcing fundraisers.

Daniel Beckelman, junior political science major, was sworn in as a new associate member. He has also been appointed as SGA lobbying chair, and was actively lobbying over the summer for the restoration of state funding to higher education.

Beckelman spoke of the $4 million that was restored to higher education over the summer and said that he hopes to “someday increase funding to higher education.”


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