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Pasternack’s disqualification continues to draw controversy

Two former SGA members rose to debate underage drinking and Eric Pasternack’s removal from office at last week’s Student Government Association (SGA) meeting.

“Would you really stand behind Mr. Pasternack?” Leo Inglima, former vice president of Equity and Diversity, asked SGA members.

Inglima stressed the importance of the SGA “(coming) together for some kind of statement” against Pasternack’s behavior and the use of his money to get reinstated.

Tom Sales, former senator of Culture and Society, took the opposite stance, calling SGA members hypocritical for condemning Pasternack for behavior they themselves have previously engaged in.

“There were 38 SGA members in this room. Twenty-two of them have violated the campus alcohol policy; I know because I violated it with them. And that’s just the ones I remember,” Sales said.

Inglima began his statements by voicing his support for Christine Cullen, who was promoted to executive president in the wake of Pasternack’s removal, and for Kamariya Bird, who holds the post of vice president of Equity and Diversity.

He said that as student leaders SGA needs “to set an example,” and that obeying the school’s alcohol policy is a good start.

Sales, who spoke in response to Inglima’s statements, disagreed. “I’d rather have a drunk student leader who is true, than someone who lied to my face but was sober as a bird,” he said.

Dan Beckelman, associate member, went to a Ewing Township meeting and discussed the recent crackdown on off-campus parties by Ewing police. He was told by townspeople that “parties aren’t the problem; the problem is when people do things like urinate on people’s lawns.” According to Beckelman, as long as students are respectful to Ewing citizens, the citizens will respect the students and leave them alone.

The fall elections for SGA are quickly approaching. According to Jenna Klubnick, alternate student trustee, there were already about 30 candidates as of last Wednesday.

The elections will be Sept. 25 and 26. The candidates are running for all open senatorial positions, including senator at-Large.

The selection process for the new executive vice president took longer than was originally thought, but a candidate should be chosen by this week’s meeting.

Meagan Terry, dining services liaison, announced that Sodexho is planning the first themed dinner of the year, which will be a Block Party theme. Sodexho is also considering changing the International Station in Eickhoff to an Asian Station. Terry said that deli sandwiches are still available in the Travers-Wolfe dining hall, even though the deli station has been replaced by an ice cream stand.

James Norfleet, the new vice president of Student Life, spoke to SGA at the beginning of the meeting.

He stressed that he was there to help any of the student leaders, and said that “students are never an interruption to my work; they are the reason for my work.”

He said that he had started getting involved in student government as early as eighth grade, and said that that student leaders could “work within the system to bring about positive change for the students.”


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