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A student remembered

Joseph Martin (center), a 2010 graduate, with friends. (Photo courtesy of TJ Waszkiewicz)

The Signal reached out to as many of Joe Martin’s friends and fraternity brothers as possible before press time, and the outpouring of positive comments has been inspiring. Below and on page 2 are the quotes sent to The Signal.

Steve Eller, senior management major: “He was the first person I talked to at preference rush for Delta Sigma Pi. Who knew, he’d end up being my big brother on paper, at first, then in real life. Then after getting in, we became unbelievably close. Whenever I was at an event or he was at an event, the other wasn’t too far behind. He was the closest person I have ever had in my life. He was the most loyal friend and was always there for me when times were tough, and I wish he was here for right now. Over the past two years of knowing him, we became best friends and I would never trade that for the world. He knew everything about me and really had my back as if I was his little brother. We would never fight, we’d have our bickering but after five minutes, we’d be right back to how we were. He was always there when I wanted to hang out, and I’m so grateful that he was down as much as he was this semester. He always was about a good time, and would light up the room whenever he walked into it. Even though it’s hard to admit, he is in a better place even if it isn’t right here with us. We were blessed to have known him and the amazing person / friend / brother that he truly was. I can’t wait to see his smile again. I love you Joe, and you’ll always be in my heart.”

TJ Waszkiewicz, senior finance major: “He was such an amazing friend and brother.  Joe was one of the best friends I have made while at (the College). I can’t even picture him with anything but a smile on his face. He was always happy and in a good mood and just loved spending time with all his friends.  Because he was always so happy, he lifted everyone’s mood just by being around. He was always visiting my friend Steve Eller, and the three of us spent almost every weekend together this summer. I would always count down the days until the weekend because I knew it was going to be a good time.  A lot of us looked up to Joe because he always had such a great attitude about everything.  Also because he was the only guy we knew who could pick up girls by trying to balance his drink on their head.  Somehow, that move worked every time. He was so dedicated to keeping his friendship with all of us even after he graduated and had a full-time job. It is really hard to describe how much we are going to miss Joe, who was so loved by everyone he met.”

Joe Sanseverino, 2010 graduate: “Joe Martin and I lived together for three years at college and pledged Delta Sigma Pi together. We became best of friends throughout our time at (the College), and I am so lucky to have known Joe. He had a huge heart and a personality to match. Joe was such a great friend. He helped me out whenever I was in a jam, or was there to listen if I ever needed someone. It’s been a very hard reality for people to wake up to — friends and family alike. We’ve shared so many experiences and memories together which will never be forgotten. I’m really going to miss the times when me and my housemates would all be in the living room and just talk about everything for hours on end. We all got to know Joe very well and he was like a brother to me. Joe will be very missed by all the people whose lives he touched. My heart and prayers go out to all his family and friends.

Melissa Cancillieri, 2010 graduate: I’ve known Joe Martin since my freshman year of college. We pledged DSP together our sophomore year and I’m so lucky to have spent those six weeks getting to know him better. He was always happy, always smiling, and he could brighten up your day by just walking in the room. He’s touched the lives of so many people and I am so blessed to have had him as a friend. Things won’t be the same without Joe, but he will always be remembered. He will always be close to our hearts.

Christine Cox, senior management major: “I think everyone is having a very difficult time grasping what has happened. It was just last night (Saturday) I gave him a hug, and we all had some laughs with him. Now he’s not here, and it doesn’t make sense. Today a lot of our organization gathered at my house, and at first no one knew what to say and everything was silent … then we started remembering fond ‘Joe Martin’ moments. He really touched everyone’s hearts. So everyone has a ‘Joe Martin’ story. We also gathered at another house late at night. We’re just trying to stay together and get through this together. It’s amazing the true brotherhood I’ve seen in this time of need. Joe was the ‘ideal brother,’ and he would be proud of how everyone is really being there for each other. He was that alumni that cared so much about our fraternity and it continued to show as an alumni. Our organization has made food and sent it up (with) his close friends who visited his family to support them. It’s the least we can do. Joe has given us so many smiles, laughs and stories. He was one of the most selfless people I know. We were all blessed to know him, and we will never forget him.”

Allie Blom, senior marketing major: “Joe was the type of guy that could get along with anyone. He was an amazing person and a true friend from the moment you met him. He was a dedicated and loyal brother of Delta Sigma Pi, and our chapter will not be the same without him around. Just last night I was talking to Joe about his job and his future — he had big plans for himself, and it is such a shame that he’ll never be able to see them through.”

Jessica Schoolcraft, senior accounting major: “Joe was one of my best friends, but we definitely had a love-hate relationship. He could annoy me more than anyone else, but he could also make me laugh harder than anyone else. No matter how much Joe and I yelled at each other I always knew he’d be there for me no matter what because that’s just the kind of person he was. He was a really genuine person and was happy all the time. I don’t know a single person who met him and didn’t love him. He would constantly say the same phrases over and over to the point the entire chapter would be saying them. Some of them were ‘is this real life,’ ‘I’m gonna yack,’ or we’d just mimic the way he said ‘hi’ and ‘bye.’ Even though he graduated last year and was working full time he was one of the most involved brothers because that’s how important this brotherhood was to him, and he was equally as important to each of us.”

Dan Zuller, junior finance major: He’s the first close friend I lost. In my two years of knowing him, I’ve never seen him get mad. I think most people that knew him will agree with me, he was just a kid full of pure goodness. He taught us (to) really enjoy life to the fullest, because you really never know when a conversation that you’re having with somebody might be the last.”

Kelsey Norton, junior accounting major: “Joe Martin was definitely loved by all. He was always at our DSP events even though he graduated last year. There was never a day that he was not able to put a smile on my face. He was very funny and loving and would never mean to cause harm to anyone else. Unfortunately, his life ended shortly as well as another’s … It only takes one person to create a change. Joe Martin will be forever missed and loved by many.”

Kristina Lota, senior accounting major: “(Sunday) was really tough for all of us but we all came together at a DSP brother’s house and were there for each other and talked about all the funny times we had with Joe and what a large part of our brotherhood and DSP he was. Joe was one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. He was friendly to everyone and anyone and he ALWAYS put a smile on everyone’s face. I never saw Joe in a bad mood and if anyone else was ever sad or upset he was the first person to say something and put a huge smile on their face. His personality was amazing and you couldn’t help but smile when you were around him. I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about him, he was just an amazing person with a huge heart.”

Jamie Mastroianni, senior finance major: “I actually got a message from the old president Dave Goodmark today who ended up telling me the horrible and upsetting news. Words can’t explain the way I felt when I heard but my boyfriend gave me the idea to establish an award in Joe’s name. We are looking into installing this idea and hope that the fraternity will agree with this decision. Joe will be greatly missed. He was truly a great person. May angels lead him in.”

Maryliz Pineda, senior marketing major: “ ‘A heart so big, God couldn’t let it live.’ This quote pretty much sums up Joe Martin. He had one of the biggest hearts I know. He was one of the most genuine persons I knew and cared for every single person in his life. It amazes me how someone could be so welcoming and literally always have a smile on his face.”

Allison Perrotta, junior accounting major: “Joe was such a down-to-earth fun guy who always made us all smile. He knew how to make us laugh and was passionate about everyone in his life. His presence will surely be missed, and his absence felt by everyone who was blessed to know him. God bless his family, friends and anyone else who was lucky enough to call him a friend. I love and miss you, Joe. You will never be forgotten and your life lives on in all of our hearts.”

Bethany Guldager, senior marketing major: “Joe was an amazing brother and friend. He was an asset to both the (College) community and to the brotherhood of Delta Sigma Pi and will be loved and missed by all.  He touched the hearts of all that he met, and no matter how long or brief a period we might have known him, we are all truly better for having done so. Rest easy brother, and remember, once a Deltasig, always a Deltasig.”

Jordan Mojka, junior economics major: “Joe embodied the meaning of brotherhood. He welcomed everyone with open arms and a smile on his face, and never turned away a person in need. I am honored to have been able to call him both my brother and my friend and will forever keep him in my heart.”

Amanda LeFante, junior accounting major: “Joe was an all-round great person. He dedicated his time to his family and friends and will forever be in our hearts. I am blessed to have known such an incredible individual and to call him my friend and Brother. He has given us many memories that we will cherish forever. He helped build the Brotherhood of our Fraternity. Anyone who has met him will never forget his smile and his positive demeanor. He will be forever loved and missed by all who have met him.”


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