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Occupy TCNJ group small but ready to ‘kick some ass’

At one of the first meetings of Occupy TCNJ, club members expressed enthusiasm but lacked direction. (Tom O'Dell / Photo Editor)

“Are you guys here for the revolution?”

Mark Azic, senior economics and mathematics double major, wasted no time getting fellow students into the revolutionary spirit at a meeting for Occupy TCNJ, the College’s branch of the national movement, on Wednesday, Oct. 12.

The group, which hosted a small demonstration in Alumni Grove the week before, attracted about 16 students to the meeting in the Business Building Lounge.

The irony of their location was not lost on the Occupy TCNJ members, whose partial goal is to spread awareness of the downfalls of free-market capitalism.

“We’re going to eat the monster from the inside out,” Azic joked.

Many of those in attendance explained that they had heard of the new campus group through its Facebook page. Meeting attendees included students from the International Socialist Organization, Bonner Center for Civic and Community Engagement, Black Student Union and Amnesty International, as well as those just interested in the movement.

“I’m here to kick some ass and shake some cages,” said Lou Klein, senior statistics and sociology double major.

The group began in response to the now-famous Occupy Wall Street movement, which has spread to cities and campuses around the world. However, one of its goals is to exist as a presence on campus past the  eventual end of the Occupy movement.

Other goals include holding more meetings for interested students and visiting different local offshoots of the Occupy movement.

Unlike protestors nationwide, however, the group was hesitant to draw up a list of demands.

“This isn’t a demand. It’s more an awakening,” Azic said.

Instead, it was suggested that education might be a better first step.

“I think our first course of action should be educating and politicizing the campus,” said Matt Janansky, senior political science and philosophy double major.

The group discussed the possibility of a future publication to help achieve this goal.

As a new organization, Occupy TCNJ is still a bit unsure of its future role on campus.

“Right now, we’re just kind of a loose group that gives a shit about something,” Janansky explained.

However, the participants are serious about making a political impact on the College and beyond.

“Things won’t change for our interest, the interest of the majority, until we make it change,” said Tom Nagle, a senior English and secondary education double major.


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