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Breaking: Police arrest man likely linked to campus car thefts

Trenton Police recently arrested a man that was found driving a Honda Civic that had previously been reported missing by a student at the College, according to an email sent out around 2 p.m. on Dec. 14 by Campus Police Services.

Tommy Lee Walker, Jr. was arrested on Saturday, Dec. 10 when operating a white 1999 Honda Civic that a student reported missing on Dec. 5, the email said.

When arrested, Walker was in possession of several “dealer master keys” and it was discovered that he has a history of arrests related to stolen vehicles. He was charged with receiving stolen property and motor vehicle master keys, police said in their email.

Campus Police believe there is “likely a connection between the theft of this vehicle and others that have been stolen from campus,” according to the email.

While they do not anticipate him being released in the near future, Campus Police issued a letter barring Walker from campus and have instructed their officers that he will be arrested immediately upon returning to campus, police said.

A photo of Walker was included in the email, which was sent out to the TCNJ community. Campus Police ask that if anyone sees him on campus in the future, they contact Campus Police Services at 771-2345 or 911.


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