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Townhouse window pushed in, valentines stolen

A window was found pushed in at a residential building in the Townhouses South complex on Wednesday, Feb. 22. The screen was also removed and torn, but the building suffered no further damage, according to police. The damage is estimated to total $795.75.

Seven Valentine’s Day cards were reported stolen from a Wolfe Hall resident, according to reports. On Wednesday, Feb. 22 the student reported to Campus Police that multiple relatives and friends had sent her valentines in early February, but she had yet to receive any of them. She claims that the missing valentines contained a total of $60 and a $10 Dunkin Donuts gift card.

A female received several early morning calls from a blocked number this month, according to police. On Wednesday, Feb. 22 she reported that the male voice making the calls spoke softly, was difficult to understand and refused to identify himself. The victim does not believe she knows the caller.

Two intoxicated students were found in the first floor lobby of Decker Hall at 1:40 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 26. Campus Police spoke to the students, who admitted to drinking Four Loko, vodka, jungle juice and Natural Ice beer.  One student was evaluated and let go, while the second was slurring his speech and then transported to Capital Health Systems.

A car was found to be displaying a fraudulent decal and was booted as a result, according to reports. When the student arrived at Campus Police to request that the boot be removed, he was charged with theft of services.

Brendan McGrath


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