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Construction extends into fall

This summer the College went to work on updating its campus and some of the projects will carry over into the semester.

The new Education Building is still undergoing some final touches on its interior, which should be done by the end of the fall, according to Matt Golden, associate vice president for Communications and College Relations.

The interior stairs still need to have terrazzo treads installed and Golden expects that job to be done over the next two weeks. There will also be a glass railing installed on these stairs and the railing should be delivered in the next two weeks and should be up by early October, according to Golden.

The remaining construction on the building is minor cleanup, which occurs on most buildings after they are constructed and first occupied, Golden said.

College Construction continues in 2012 (Ashley Long / Photo Editor).

“All other work is punch list work and is being done now through the fall months,” Golden said. “It is routine for several months of punch list and cleanup work to occur after a building is opened and first occupied.”

The College’s Steam and Sanitary Pipes Replacement project, under construction on the lawn behind Allen, Brewster and Ely Halls and on Metzger Drive, is on its way to being completed, but there is still some work to be done, according to Golden.

“The sanitary line to the Power House has been completed,” Golden said. “Campus Construction is working now on the steam and condensate piping, which is nearby, and will complete it by late fall.”

Another noticeable piece of construction on campus is being done outside Packer Hall. Golden said that these are Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) upgrades that are “being done to provide cooling to the pool area, utilizing the campus-wide chilled water system.”

The HVAC portion of the project is scheduled to be done in October 2012 and the roofing portion of the project will done in May 2013, according to Golden.

The budget for this construction reported at the July 2012 Board of Trustee meeting was $3,952,054.


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