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Man struck by car, Victim suffers broken femur

The 23-year-old man who was found on the morning of Saturday, Sept. 1, near the Spiritual Center was attacked and struck by a vehicle, suffering a broken femur while attempting to leave an off-campus party, according to Ewing Police.

Detective Jeffrey Jacobs said in an email that the man, who was at the College to watch the football game, attended a house party held on Vannest Avenue in Ewing, a residence rented by members of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity at the College. When he attempted to leave, he was attacked by three or more individuals and “at some point during the assault the victim was struck by a vehicle, which fled the scene,” Jacobs said.

According to an email from Campus Police, the victim “was not able to provide a description of the attacker(s) or the location of the incident, but he appeared to have sustained significant injuries and was transported to the Helene Fuld Medical Center.” Ewing Police have revealed that the victim could not describe the attackers, but he was able to say the vehicle that hit him could possibly be an older model gold Acura.

The victim also stated that he was put in a car and then “dumped out of the car,” according to police.

Police also discovered through interviews that there were approximately 200 people at the party and that they currently know there were several witnesses to the assault and hit-and-run.

While the incident is still under investigation at this time, Ewing Police are asking anyone who may have been a witness to or involved  in the attack to call Jacobs at 609-406-5562, the confidential tipline at 609-882-7530 or email an anonymous tip at

Campus Police also asked anyone who has pertinent information to the case to call into Campus Police Services at 609-771-2345.


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