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SG receives information detailing Campus Town, political awareness events planned for election

Tony Gattone goes over the plans for Campus Town during Student Government’s latest meeting. (Vicki Wang / Photo Assistant)

In an effort to promote political awareness for the upcoming election, Student Government discussed various events they will be organizing at their meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 19.

SG is in the process of planning a registration drive. Students would be able to register to vote at on-campus locations, such as Eickhoff and the Library Cafe. A presidential themed dinner at Eickhoff, panel of political science professors to speak before the election, as well as a flyer campaign to inform students of the interests of both political parties, are among other events SG is organizing to spread awareness on the presidential election in November.

Tony Gattone, the College’s construction project manager, presented further plans for the Campus Town in regards to the Barnes & Noble Bookstore to SG. The bookstore is expected be approximately 14,200 square feet and two stories high, about twice the size of the current bookstore. Gattone said it will replace the bookstore in the Brower Student Center, although it is still unknown what will fill that space. “It’s really just taking the location and moving it to a bigger better place,” Gattone said.

Plans for the color scheme of the new bookstore were also discussed. “They have a high intent in making this a TCNJ Barnes & Noble,” Gattone said. Barnes & Noble will add blue and gold to the store, and the College’s school spirit wear and supplies will be sold at the new store.

There will also be a child care center in the bookstore, to help advance the community outreach programs. The bookstore will also have an online book pick-up station, wireless internet and possibly a patio.

SG will be sponsoring events for Blind Awareness Month in October, such as inviting a blind pianist to play at the Rathskeller.

Representatives from the Class of 2013 announced the success of senior night, and the Class of 2014 will begin selling class T-shirts.

At the meeting, C.J. Gutch, a senior finance major, was sworn in as vice president of Administration and Finance. Previously, he was a student advocate, senator of business, and was on the Committee for Legal and Governmental Affairs.


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