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In a mere minute, College showcases current affairs

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By Joe Passantino

Only one minute. With the new TCNJ Minute feature, that is all it takes to stay up to date on College happenings.

“TCNJ Minute provides a fun and quick way to get a glimpse of the tremendous variety and depth of events and activities that happen on campus,” said Emily Dodd, communications officer for Media Relations and Marketing.

TCNJ Minute is a new YouTube series produced by the College that consists of approximately 60 seconds of news per month, and can include both content from the previous month, as well as previewed events for the subsequent month. It is designed to keep students in the know without having to invest a significant amount of time.

The premier of TCNJ Minute, posted to YouTube on Sept. 10, featured video footage of Welcome Week, including move-in day and convocation. It also detailed new architectural developments, such as the brand new Education Building, as well as President R. Barbara Gitenstein’s welcome speech to the campus community.

Dodd worked together with Deric Raymond, videographer of the Department of College Relations, to identify important events around campus, which are later filmed by Deric and his team. She also serves as the “voice” of the video series, though she noted that “that may change as we expand the project and find better talent.”

At press time, the first TCNJ Minute had received 797 views, “more than a text-based e-newsletter would get,” according to Matthew Golden, associate vice president for Communications and College Relations.

“We produce quite a bit (of web content) now,” said Golden, “but (we) are always looking for ways to enhance our communication efforts … We believe this will be an easy way for people to learn about what is happening on campus.”



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