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Welcome TimesheetX, hours entered via Internet

By Lauren Santos

As of Sept. 24, the College began using an online payroll system, TimesheetX, for its student employees to provide a more accurate and efficient method of scheduling and processing.

According to a PowerPoint presentation provided by the Payroll Office, TimesheetX is an online student timesheet owned and operated by Next Gen Web Solutions since February 2008. It manages the collection, approval and processing of student timesheets. The payroll department will be working in collaboration with IT and Career Services to bring this to its student employees.

Other universities that use TimesheetX with their student employees include Yale University, Columbia University and Fashion Institute of Technology.

The PowerPoint also lists ways in which TimesheetX will benefit the student employees. Students will not need to learn how to use college-provided hardware. This will make it easy to access their accounts anytime and anywhere. The student employees will also be able to conveniently use their College username and password for their accounts.

Manual processing will be eliminated and instead data will be imported/exported through the Student Information System and Payroll eliminating any errors that could have been made due to handwriting issues, incorrect math and duplicate recordings of time, according to the PowerPoint. It will also send student employees emails to help prevent missed deadlines and to update them on the balance of their Federal Work Study award.

Supervisors will also benefit from this change. The presentation describes an organizational to-do list with automatic email warning that will help supervisors keep track of timesheet submissions and approvals. It will also ensure that all labor and campus regulations are being followed.

The presentation also describes the security of the program. It will never involve any support phone calls, upgrade requests, or purchasing of additional servers. It will also never involve any manual work among itself, PAWS and the Payroll System. TimesheetX undergoes an annual SAS70-Type II audit by a third party to evaluate applications, the Network, and security controls for possible breaches.

The Payroll Office has all of this information and more on its website. Information pertaining specifically to TimesheetX can be found at Here one can find training materials for both students and employees. Each employee can also go to Y.E.S.S. (Your Employee Self-Service) for additional help.


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