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‘Snow Place Like Home,’ SFB funds TCNJ Holiday

The Student Finance Board met on Wednesday, Oct. 24, to discuss several issues, including the funding of the College Union Board and Student Government’s joint collaboration in organizing the annual TCNJ Holiday.

SFB motioned to fully fund CUB and SG for a total of $20,423.02, which will go toward the “Snow Place Like Home” themed TCNJ Holiday scheduled for Dec. 6 in the Brower Student Center. The event will include an artificial ice rink, a live horse-and-carriage ride, decorations and other engaging activities for the students.

“CUB and SG are really organized about it,” said Rachel Leva, SFB’s programming director, while advocating for full funding of the event.
Some members displayed their concern about the long waiting line for the horse and carriage rides, but ultimately agreed to fully fund the event.

SFB also allocated $100 to SG for a series of senior connection events that will include various speakers who will deliver information for seniors to use after they graduate.

The speakers will be dispersed this year in hopes of gaining attendance. The events are set to take place on Nov. 7, Feb. 20, Mar. 20 and Apr. 17.

In addition, SFB received several multicultural requests. After deliberation SFB agreed to fully fund TCNJ Barkada for a total of $1,531 for their Filipino Variety Show. This event won the Student Activity award for excellence and tradition last year and is scheduled for Nov. 17 in the Lions Den. It will include Triangle Offense, a Filipino/American rap and hip-hop group, as well as an abundance of traditional Filipino food.

SFB also heard from the Muslim Student Association and after deliberation agreed to fund $4,204.30 for their 7th Annual TCNJ MSA Eid Al-Adha Dinner. It is their only SFB funded event of the semester and is scheduled to take place on Nov. 8 in the Lions Den.

Members of SFB were concerned that the amount of food might not be enough for the event, but allocated $100 more than MSA’s funding request, to stipulate for moving arrangements.

Continuing the multicultural requests, SFB motioned to fully fund the European clubs for a total of $700 to hold their cultural night “A Sweet Taste of Europe.”

The event will include several different traditional European desserts and dances and will take place in BSC on Nov. 16.

Completing the multicultural requests, SFB passed the motion to fund Chabad a total of $4,850 for their Pre-Hanukkah party, by one vote. The event will include a virtual graffiti wall, an ice sculpture Menorah, traditional food and several Hanukkah kits for the students.

Members of SFB raised questions of funding the ice sculpture menorah, but ultimately agreed after being informed that the completion of the menorah will take place at the College for the students to observe. The event will take place in BSC on Dec. 4.

Chabad also presented a conference request for $320 to fund participation for the Chabad on Campus International Shabbaton Conference. However, SFB motioned to zero fund the conference after deciding that it wouldn’t benefit the College.

Following, SFB motioned to fund the Inter-Greek Council $1,868 to attend the Northeast Greek Leadership Association Annual Conference form Feb. 21-24.

However, members of SFB showed disfavor with the inclusion of the club’s advisor in the meeting. This was a result of the violation of protocol that dictates that club advisors cannot aid the students during their presentation to SFB.

Finally, SFB agreed to fund the Women’s Center $1,781 to attend the NWSA Annual Conference from Nov. 8-11. SFB added $100 to the funding request to include funding for one other student because they felt it would be important to have more than one underclassman attend the conference in preparation for next year.

SFB was in favor of funding this conference because The Women’s Center has never attended it before.

“It’s an ideal scenario,” said SFB senior representative Andrew Palmieri.

*Even though SFB agrees to finance certain events, there is no guarantee that these events will take place. The approval only makes the funds available.

Correction: This article originally indicated that TCNJ Holiday is slated to include two live horse-and-carriage rides instead of one.


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