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$190,600 for spring concert

The Student Finance Board met on Wednesday, Nov. 28, to discuss funding for the College Union Board’s 2013 spring concert and other requests.

SFB motioned to fund CUB with a total of $190,600 to go toward hosting the spring concert at the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, N.J. CUB is hoping to feature Ke$ha headlining with the Neon Trees as the opener.

“The problem with TCNJ’s concerts is that we don’t have a venue big enough for a big name,” said Milana Lazareva, the Operations Director of SFB. in favor of hosting the concert at the off-campus location.

Having the concert at the Sun National Bank Center would provide CUB with the ability to get big names for the spring concert, such as Ke$ha. If Ke$ha cannot be booked, CUB is also looking into Flo-Rida, Kid Cudi and many other popular artists. CUB will also use the funds to provide busing for on-campus students.

Members of SFB were concerned about students partying and driving to the concert. They agreed, however, that the buses would be a good solution to that. They also had concerns that having general admission at the concert would lead to chaos and fights in the arena that holds over 8,000 people, but eventually agreed that general admission would be the best for the student body.

“The ushers are more than capable of handling the chaos,” said Brian Hurler, the administrative director of SFB is also an employee of the Sun National Bank Center.

Having the spring concert at the Bank Center will give students the options to purchase more than one ticket for outside guests. It will also provide the option to open it up to other New Jersey college students, TCNJ alumni, faculty and staff.

SFB added $2,000 for insurance to CUB’s original request for $188,600 and removed Ne-Yo and Outasight off of the lineup list for possible back-up artists in the event that CUB cannot book Ke$ha and the Neon Trees.

Members of SFB were concerned that the headliner and openers would be too different to hold a successful concert.

However, Executive Director Lindsay Klein disagreed and said, “I think what we want to do is hit all student aspects.”

Senior representative, Joe Lacerda, agreed stating that, “I think it’s actually kind of a good thing that there’s a variety.”

In the event that CUB cannot book a name big enough to have the spring concert at the Sun National Bank Center, SFB motioned to fully fund CUB with $188,116 to hold the concert in the Recreational Center. In the event of the concert being held at the Recreational Center, CUB will try to book Kid Cudi and the Neon Trees.

SFB also motioned to fully fund the Sophomore Class Council with $4,800 to be used towards transportation for the Sophomore Class Holiday Trip to New York City.

The Sophomore Class Council presented their itinerary to SFB and their suggestions for student activities in the city.

“I think that these are events that people will go to and don’t really cost that much,” Klein said.

Following, the Leadership Development Program presented their request for funds for the 9th Annual Leadership Lock-Up. SFB motioned to fund the event for $5,219.26.

The event will take place in the Brower Student Center on Jan. 20. It will be Dr. Seuss -themed and the keynote speaker will be Sam Davidson.

The event will be catered by Mamma Flora’s and will offer the College’s student leaders the opportunity to improve their leadership skills through several activities and workshops.

LDP presenter Ali Lubin said, “It’s a really fun theme that we think will attract a lot of people.”

*Even though SFB agrees to finance certain events, there is no guarantee that these events will take place. The approval only makes the funds available.

*This article originally stated that the concert that would be held in the Recreational Center was allocated $212,516 in funding. The correct amount is $188,116.


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