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Hazy spelling bee

A water leak was reported to Campus Police on Saturday, Dec. 15 at 4 a.m. When police arrived they noticed a pool of water was leaking from under the door of a dorm room. Police heard the shower running and knocked on the door. They opened the door for an emergency welfare check and yelled into the bathroom, but there was no response.

Police said they pulled back the shower curtain and saw a nude student lying on the shower floor in a fetal position with vomit next to his face. The police officer yelled at him to wake up, but the student was unresponsive. He opened his eyes when the officer tapped on his feet. When asked for his name, the student responded, “Bad cop.” Police turned off the shower, assisted the student to sit upright, and handed him a towel.

The student, according to police, smelled strongly of alcohol, had red and glossy eyes, and said he drank vodka. Police asked the student a series of questions, to which the student had difficulty responding. When asked what city he was from, the student answered, “Five,” and when asked if he knew where he was, the student said he was at the police officer’s house. Lions’ EMS arrived at the scene and the student was transported to Capital Health of Hopewell. The student was issued a summons for underage drinking.

Campus Police were dispatched to Decker Hall on Sunday, Dec. 16 at 2:40 a.m. on report of an intoxicated student. Upon arrival, police met the student, who was conscious and sitting in a chair. Lions’ EMS were already at the scene and informed police that they were treating him. The student was on the floor, unconscious when Lions’ EMS arrived.

Although the student reportedly smelled of alcohol, he would not say how much he drank, and then denied drinking anything. The student was unable to spell his last name, his speech was slow and slurred, and his eyes were bloodshot. He was unable to keep his balance during the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, failing to perform the test.

He swayed from side to side as he attempted to collect his belonging from the lounge. The student was transported to Capital Health Hopewell and issued a summons for underage drinking.

While performing a routine building check of the Facilities Building at 2:50 a.m. on Thursday, Dec. 13, Campus Police observed two male students sitting on a bench on the south side of Lake Sylva. According to campus police, the students lit an object which appeared to be a pipe, multiple times. Police approached the students on foot, and reported faintly smelling “burnt marijuana.”

When one of the students saw the officer approaching, he placed something in his shirt pocket. The students had two glass pipes with residue in them, as well as a 1.5” x 2” bag with “green, hard vegetation,” which police believed to be hashish marijuana. Police found another bag by the students’ feet.

They were arrested, searched and transported to the TCNJ Police Department for possession of a controlled dangerous substance and drug paraphernalia. There is no further information at this time.


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