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Visitor dies; Cause unclear

Derek Sabo, 20, a visitor to the College, was found unresponsive in Centennial Hall on the morning of Saturday, Jan. 26.

He was transported to Capital Health, where he was pronounced dead just before 9 a.m., according to an email sent from the College to the campus community.

The cause of death has yet to be officially verified, but Campus Police are conducting an investigation of the incident, and they do not believe foul play to have played a part in it.

According to multiple sources, Sabo was out with a friend from the College on Friday night, but there is as of yet no verification of how he arrived at Centennial or what caused his death.

Sabo was a sophomore at William Paterson University and a resident of Kinnelon, N.J. He was also a bassist/vocalist for A Secret Vice, a metal/metalcore band.

According to his friend and fellow band member, Sabo “always had a good word for anyone who was down or just wanted to talk,” and was “definitely an inspiration to a ton of local musicians.”

Brendan McGrath



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