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Eick breakfast in bed

With influenza activity still high in New Jersey and the norovirus season underway, students have to continue to be cautious of spreading and contracting illnesses. And with the norovirus affecting one in 15 people in the U.S. each year, chances are many students at the College will be under the weather in subsequent days.

To help prevent the spread of viruses and to accommodate sick students, Dining Services set up a tray program so that students can get their meals to-go.

To receive a prepared lunch, a student must go to the Dining Services website and download the sick tray form. After filling it out, a friend can bring it to an Eickhoff manager and the meal will be ready soon after.

For students on carte blanche plans, the meal is included with the plan. Students who sign up for the program with an a la carte plan will be charged the door rate for The Atrium at Eickhoff.

Students can receive a packaged meal twice a day for three days. On the form, the time of pick-up and the person who will be picking up the meal are needed.

On the downloadable form, students can choose from a number of beverage, food and sandwich options for their breakfast and also a light lunch or dinner.

Colleen Murphy


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