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Funival planning in full swing, Town Gown

Student Government announced that planning for the third annual Funival, a campus carnival, is well underway at their weekly meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 6. The event is set to take place on May 3, the Friday after classes end, and is co-sponsored by SG, the Student Finance Board and the College Union Board.

Last Tuesday, Feb. 5, students and town members alike, attended the Town Gown meeting, where concerns pertaining to campus/Ewing relations were expressed.

“When they saw students there, I think it really did make the impact on how they reacted to what we presented,” said SG president Christina Kopka.

Kopka mentioned concerns that Ewing Township and its residents expressed, such as smashed mailboxes, excessive noise and stolen street signs. For each street sign that goes missing, the town must pay $300 to replace it, and $150 for every stop sign. Kopka reported that the town is up to almost $20,000 in damages from sign replacements alone and will most likely be attaching GPS tracking chips to each sign in town so they will be able to locate signs if stolen.

“Overall, it was a really positive meeting,” Kopka said. “I think we moved forward and are starting to patch relationships between the residents and ourselves.”

The next Town Gown meeting will be held in April.

There was a deadline last semester for student organizations to register with Student Activities. Devin Dimmig, vice president of governmental affairs, announced some clubs, such as Bonner Volunteers, the Engineering Honors Society and Russian Club, that will be derecognized by SG. These clubs can become recognized again by SG by going through the same process that new clubs do.

Class council informed SG members of fundraising efforts for their classes. The junior class reported the success of their blood drive, where over 50 people donated blood.

In this coming week, class of 2014 tank tops will be coming in, which say “So College” on the front and “of New Jersey” on the back. The juniors will also be co-sponsoring the career fair on Feb. 22.

The sophomore class announced they have selected all 12 contestants for the Mr. 2015 contest and advertising for the event will be coming soon.


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