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While students are guaranteed on-campus housing for their freshman and sophomore years, juniors and seniors are not granted this luxury.

Last year, all students who applied for housing received a time slot, even with Cromwell Hall being closed for renovations.

Cromwell Hall reopens for sophomores after a year of renovations. (Lianna Lazur)

This year, however, approximately 140 rising junior and senior students did not receive a time slot in the upcoming lottery, according to Emily Dodd, Communications Officer for Media Relations & Marketing.

“Students that did not receive a time slot but remain interested in on-campus housing are encouraged to apply to the housing wait list,” Dodd said. “We have been very successful in moving through our wait list and I suspect that will remain consistent this year.”

However, students who do not wish to wait for on-campus housing are encouraged to visit the housing webpage for off-campus living, where a link is provided to local landlords to post vacant properties.

Students can also consult with current students who live off-campus or visit to view available listings.

Sophomore psychology major Gabriel Rojas applied to housing, but because he did not receive a time slot, has applied to the wait list.

“I’m also looking into off-campus housing but I am going to study abroad in the spring so I’m not sure how that will work out,” he said. “I also don’t have a car to get to campus so hopefully I can get a time slot from the wait list.”

Katie Seaman, sophomore psychology major, also had a similar experience.

“Depending on my spot on the (wait) list, I’m going to wait to see if anything opens up,” she said.

“If not, I’m going to start looking for houses in the neighboring area with other students who did not receive housing. Hopefully luck is on my side!”

According to Dodd, students are encouraged to do their research when investigating off-campus rentals, as off-campus housing is not endorsed or approved by College officials.

“Historically, we have always had more students apply for housing than the number of available beds,” Dodd said. “However, this year we weren’t sure if that would be the case considering the closure of Cromwell Hall for renovations. There was no way of knowing for sure how many students would come back on campus.”

Amy Reynolds
Managing Editor


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