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Possible laptop thief arrested after chase

The entrance to Townhouses West, where the officer caught the man. (Brendan McGrath / Editor-in-Chief)

Campus Police arrested a man, who is suspected of stealing laptops from campus, just before noon today, according to Matthew Golden, the College’s associate vice president for Communications, Marketing, and Brand Management.

The path between the Recreation Center and Wolfe Hall. (Brendan McGrath / Editor-in-Chief)

The arrest followed a chase, during which police pursued the man down the path between the Wolfe Hall and the Recreation Center, according to multiple witnesses.
The pursuit began from the Library, according to Golden, and proceeded toward the towers.

By the time the suspect approached the towers, one pursuing officer was in a car and others were reportedly on foot. They continued to chase him past the Recreation Center and down J and I Streets, the streets behind the towers.

At this point, according to witnesses, the police vehicle cut the suspect off before he reached C Street, the street that runs from Metzger Drive to the Brower Student Center, by pulling the vehicle in front of him, causing the man to fall.

The suspect then got up, ran across C Street, and headed toward Townhouses West. At this point the officer in the vehicle got out and chased him on foot, crossing C Street and catching up with him near the entrance to Townhouses West.

There was resistance after the man was brought to the ground, but the officer was able to subdue him, according to witnesses.

The suspect was then arrested and ultimately taken to Mercer County Jail, where he is being held in lieu of bail, according to Golden.

Brendan McGrath


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