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Wall artist up to no good

Vandalism continues to occur on campus, indicated in the locations by the map above. (Jack Meyers / News Editor)

In the past week, Campus Police were dispatched to five more locations on report of criminal mischief where similar incidents of vandalism to previous weeks were found.

The first instance was reported on Tuesday, Oct. 1 at 8:55 p.m. for the second level stairwell of the Brower Student Center closest to the Rathskeller.  Campus Police found the signature “EVaD” was found as it was in described in reports from previous weeks.

Campus Police also discovered the phrases “EVaD I’m back bitch” and “Prove your fucking mind bitch EVaD” with smiley faces on the wall and behind the first stall door of the second level men’s restroom, respectively.

The second instance occurred at 4:40 p.m. on the same day at Lot 7 where Campus Police found similar graffiti on both a column on the first level and on a wall near a stairwell of the fourth floor.

Finally, Campus Police were dispatched to Elevator #1 in the Library at 10 p.m. on Tuesday where graffiti with the same dark ink or paint substance had been sprayed. For all of these cases Campus Police notified College Facilities to remove the vandalism.

On Tuesday, Oct. 1 at 11:30 p.m., Campus Police were dispatched to New Residence Hall on report of an intoxicated person. A CA notified Campus Police of loud noises coming from a room they passed while roving on the third floor. When Campus Police arrived, the three underage suspects admitted to having drank alcohol.

One consumed an unknown amount of green apple vodka, another drank lemonade mixed with Svedka, and the last admitted to consuming two or three shots of whisky, according to Campus Police.

The suspects were all issued their own summons for underage consumption of alcohol.


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