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Student Finance Board funds comedy night

The Muslim Student Association was half-funded by the Student Finance Board for $5,500 to host a comedy night at their weekly meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

The MSA’s reason for presenting the event was that the comedians would bring cultural diversity.

“I like the event, I just don’t see three comedians being justified,” said programming director Brian Green in regard to MSA’s request for three comedians, all of whom would require $11,000 in funding.

Chabad’s event is tabled due to ‘unnecessary’ expenses. (Courtney Wirths / Photo Editor)

Operations director Brian Hurler agreed, motioning to allocate funding for MSA to either host comedian Dean Obeidallah at $5,500 or host both Preacher Moss and Maysoon Zayid, together totaling at $5,500.

The motion passed, allowing MSA to make their decision on which comedians will perform at the Brower Student Center on Thursday, Nov. 21 at 8 p.m.

The Leadership Development Program presented to SFB for their annual Leadership Lock-up, requesting funding of $5,414.26.

The request was tabled due to the fact that they did not provide the required clear break-down of expenses.

Green brought up during the meeting the point that “we (SFB) need to be more consistent.”

“I think it’s our responsibility to make sure that they have the invoice,” Green said.

Finally, Chabad was tabled for their request of $4,828.75 for a Chanukah festival event.

“I think this is a wonderful event but I think that half of the expenses are unnecessary,” sophomore representative Christina Grillo said in reference to Mexican food and a surfboard ride, which most of the Student Finance Board members felt had no relevance to the theme of the event.


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