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Lions’ Playlist: Singing the midterm blues

By Kelly Weber

Walking around campus this week, the tension is palpable. The five people around you in the library are all visibly on the verge of tears, the Lib Caf lines are longer than ever and anyone not wearing sweats or yoga pants looks simply out of place. This can only mean one thing: it’s midterm week at CONJ. The time when you finally accept that syllabus week has indeed been over for a few weeks now and all those “you can retake a class but can’t relive a party” decisions begin to haunt you. As having to retake that class begins to seem like a real possibility (just kidding — I have faith in all of you!) let’s listen to some songs to take our mind off our misery — or wallow in it.

“No Sleep,” Wiz Khalifa

Our man Wiz was not getting any sleep for a very different reason, but the sentiment is the same — sleep is a rare and precious commodity during test time. The all-nighter is a college rite of passage but an undeniably miserable experience. Sleep is most often enjoyed during quick daytime nap that generally turns into a three-day coma. And perhaps some of our last-minute cramming is the result of us letting the party get the best of us…

“Yesterday,” The Beatles

No playlist is complete without at least one song by the iconic Beatles, especially one whose title reminds us when we should have done our work. Shoutout to all of my fellow procrastinators who open the Lib with me at 7:45 a.m., where I may or may not be doing a paper that’s due at 10 a.m. Why didn’t I do it a few days before (or even the night before)? I firmly believe that my brain does not operate functionally until my back is pressed to the figurative wall by a deadline. Every midterm and finals week I vow to change my ways — and yet here I sit, finishing this blog mere hours before the deadline. (Sorry, editors!)

“Under Pressure,” Queen

Another classic band with another applicable title. No one knows stress like a college student in the middle of test week. It seems physically and mentally impossible to master that much information. TDubs and the C-Store make stress eating way too easy. Dropping out of school to become (insert humorous and embarrassing job here) starts to seem appealing and like a viable option. But as crazy as it sounds, try not to stress! Everyone here is smart and hardworking, and you’ll get through it. Say it with me: you’ll get through it.

“Margaritaville,” Jimmy Buffett

We can’t forget the light at the end of the tunnel that is SPRING BREAK. Some of us will be heading off to tropical locations, some back our hometowns, but we’ve all earned a nice tropical drink (if you’re of legal age, of course). Enjoy it, Lions!


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