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Lion’s Playlist: Pop Nostalgia Playlist

By Susan Pereny

As a senior, it’s hard not to feel nostalgic all the time, from thinking about Welcome Week to reminiscing about middle school.  Well gang, get out your NOW CD’s and your flared rhinestone jeans because the throwback playlist has officially arrived.

These songs are guaranteed to bring you back to a certain moment in your life years back.  Do you remember recording any of these from the radio to your cassette tapes?  I definitely do.  Admittedly though, that could just be because I was way behind on the times — you might have even had them on CD, you tech savvy person you!

#tbt and all that jazz.

OutKast – “Ms. Jackson”

Arguably one of their catchiest choruses ever, although surprising the two-word “Hey Ya” is pretty close up there.

‘N Sync Feat. Nelly – “Girlfriend (Neptunes Remix)”

Probably the best intro to any ‘N Sync (which I thought was stylized *NSYNC, but okay) single complete with references to their other songs.  Also, the premise of this song is basically the same as the Avril Lavigne hit of the same name.

Nelly – “Ride Wit Me”

Might as well throw another Nelly song in here.  Although not as popular as the legendary “Hot In Herre” (can’t forget that extra “r,” that’s very important), I would argue that this is in fact a much catchier song.

Maroon 5 – “This Love”

Maroon 5 has had so many hits over the years it’s hard to keep track of them, but I would say that aside from “Harder to Breathe,” this is when Adam Levine first waltzed into our lives.

‘N Sync – “Pop”

The boy band’s very tribute to the genre itself.

Britney Spears – “Toxic”

Definitely the most expertly produced Britney song ever, not to mention all of those rhinestones/diamonds in the video that were oh-so-controversial.

R. Kelly- “Ignition (Remix)”

Can’t say I’m a fan of R. Kelly, but this song will always be fun to listen to.


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