Monday, August 2, 2021

Campus Style

By Heather Hawkes & Jordan Koziol

We caught up with fashionable friends Leah DeGraw and Mike Kelly to ask them about their own personal campus style. 

A fashionable duo since their days in the Towers.(Jordan Koziol / Columnist).
A fashionable duo since their days in the Towers.(Jordan Koziol / Columnist).

How did you two meet?

LD: We were on the same freshman floor (Wolfe 4) and bonded over our love of fashion. 

MK: Like Leah said, we were on the same freshman floor, but what really brought us together was her walking around wearing my jeans one night. 

How would you describe your style?

LD: I would describe my style as edgy and boho. I use basics and then combine them with one statement piece. 

MK: I would say that my style is kinda simple. I have a lot of basic T-shirts that I’ll combine with other accessories, and I usually have one statement piece in my outfit as well. 

How would you describe each other’s style?

LD: He’s very preppy and clean-cut.

MK: She has some edgy stuff which I really like because she take’s some risks, and she rocks them. 

What’re you wearing?

LD: My top is a Free People cropped-sweater, and I’m wearing high-waisted distressed Gypsy Warrior shorts. (Gypsy Warrior is a boutique in Hoboken.) 

MK: My shirt is an Ocean Current button down. My jeans are Buffalo by David Bitton, and my shoes are Clark’s. 

Do you have a favorite accessory?

LD: I would say slouchy cardigans, and simply layered necklaces. I’m wearing two dainty pieces from Forever 21 and layered them. 

MK: My favorite accessories are probably belts and cologne, as weird as that sounds. I have a ton of cologne and probably just as many belts. 

What are your fashion pet peeves? 

LD: I hate when people wear too many patterns that don’t match, or wear too many loud colors together. I think it clashes. 

MK: Clashing patterns/colors. And clothes that don’t fit people properly. 

Do you tell one another if you don’t like him/her outfit? 

LD: Yes, I would. He asks me all the time. 

MK: Oh yeah, I ask Leah for advice on a lot of things, and she comes to me too.

What are you excited to wear this fall?

LD: I have a lot of ’70s style lacy cardigans I can’t wait to wear. I also can’t wait to layer and wear dark jeans. Fall fashion is much less boring than summer styles. You have more variety. 

MK: I have a shawl neck cable knit cardigan and an acid wash sweater that I am really excited to wear. Like Leah said, I like how much more variety there is for winter style.


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