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Fighting the cravings

By Andreia Bulhao

Cravings: We all get them, and sometimes when you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet, succumbing to them can often be your downfall. I know that when I crave sweets, once I open that bag of M&M’s I can’t stop! And often, that’s the case with a lot of us. So what do we do about staying on track and maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Learn the truth about our cravings. When we think we want something, our body is really telling us that we need certain nutrients. Now, I’m not saying that eating that cookie now and then isn’t acceptable, because everything is OK in moderation. But what I am saying is that we need to be aware of our body’s nutritional needs. 

If you find yourself craving sweets, there are a couple of options what your body is really asking for. In some cases, craving sweets can signal dehydration, and drinking water can quickly curb your desire for digging into a cake, according to The Huffington Post. But, it can also mean your body lacks carbon or phosphorus. Go for fresh fruits for a quick healthy fix to your sugary needs. You can also choose poultry, dairy or nuts as an alternative to this craving. 

Craving some salty snacks? You probably need more than that bag of chips. This usually means your body is lacking chloride, according to an article published on  Our usual table salt is often stripped of the minerals our body needs, so cooking with sea salt is an easy fix. You can also add more fish to your diet instead. It will not only satisfy this craving, but is also a great source of protein and omega-3!

 Or maybe you’re more into fatty foods with a can of soda. In this case, your body is really telling you that you need more calcium, as mentioned in an article on Instead of a greasy meal, go for dairy, broccoli and kale or turnip greens as a healthy alternative. You’ll feel better as a result and be able to stay on track.

Sometimes, you might find that you don’t have a specific craving but feel the need to generally overeat now and then, according to This could mean your body is lacking silicon or tyrosine. If that’s the case, you may want to add more nuts, fruits and vegetables to your diet to control your sudden increased appetite. 

When it comes to these messages of what we think we need and what our body is really missing, the list goes on. But knowing what to look for is important when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. The next time you find yourself craving that bag of M&M’s, it’s not a bad idea to look into what it really means. There are tons of resources out there that help you crack the code of your body’s message, and trust me, in the long run you’ll be glad you didn’t settle for the unhealthy snack.


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