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From the Roberts: Wanderlust

By Raquel Roberts and Samantha Roberts

As the student body of TCNJ headed back to Ewing for the start of the semester, I, Raquel, took a slightly different path. Instead of packing my car and making the drive down Route One, I stuffed mysuitcases, boarded a flight and landed in Seville, Spain. Despite being miles away from anything and everything I have ever known, I was excited about what amazing opportunity lie ahead. The men are gorgeous. The food is to die for (after you Instagram it!) and the fashion is BONITA! My trip advisor Maria Jesus, a student and resident of Seville, was the first of whose fashion I took note.

The typical street style in the south of Spain is relaxed, effortless and still polished and chic. Maria rocks loose olive trousers, a slouchy white tee and a long statement necklace. When recreating Maria’s look, I found that Spanish stores Zara and Mango offered adorable options while remaining cost friendly.

While Maria kept her look simple and classy, the way most Spaniards dress, the look can be made just a tad more American by swapping the solid colored pant for a pattern such as the one below by Mango. Another swap that can be made is by ditching the sandals and swapping them with Birkenstocks. The German sandal is taking over the world as it came back into style with full force this past summer. The simplicity of the shoe can make even the fanciest of trousers, if say you opted for the beige Mango pant, casual and street. The key to suave Spanish style is ease and minimalism. And Maria enraptures both of those elements perfectly.

Until Next Time,
From the Roberts



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