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Lion’s Playlist: All-nighter tunes

By Nicole Ciullo

Now that we are approaching the end of October, the easy-breezy workload from syllabus week has been replaced with the stress of papers and the first round of exams. The library is filled with students cramming to finish an assignment the night before it is due and it is finally hitting freshman that college is not only about the frat party coming up on Friday night. To help you deal with real @tcnjproblems, here are some relaxing songs to get you through those restless nights:

Bob Marley – Three Little Birds

The smooth, relaxing voice of Bob Marley is enough to get you through any 12-page paper. Just imagine sitting on the beach at a summer bonfire with friends, because “every little thing is gonna be all right.”

Mika – Relax

This song is a fun twist to typical relaxation tunes. While it is a calming song, it is impossible not to dance along. Try it. I dare you.

John Mayer – Heartbreak Warfare

Ever since my freshman year, this John Mayer song has served as the background to all of my study sessions. His soothing voice will give you the feels.

The Gaslight Anthem – The 59 Sound

Gaslight Anthem provides listeners an upbeat and relaxing experience perfect for any stressful evening. As my favorite band, I could listen to this song all day. Give them a listen!

Kid Cudi – The Prayer

One of Kid Cudi’s softer songs that is sure to calm your nerves before a big presentation. Enjoy!

School is stressful but with the proper study playlist, schoolwork does not have to be a task. A little music to soothe the soul will help you get through any difficult assignment. Best of luck to everyone in the upcoming week!


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