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Short film raises awareness about a big issue

By Neha Vachhani

Director Louie Schwartzberg and writer Scott Z. Burns came together to create an inspirational, three-minute short film called “What’s Possible,” stressing that climate change is a grave problem that can be solved.

The video, narrated by Morgan Freeman, pans over windmill farms and solar panels intermittently with scenes of oceans and forests to display the possibility of a future where technology works harmoniously with the natural world. Freeman’s narration promotes an ideal way of living by using resources that do not pollute the air or the oceans. As he states, “the food we eat will be good for our bodies, and good for our planet,” the video suggests that saving the world we live in does not mean compromising our way of living, but merely changing the way we regard the environment.

“What’s Possible” conveys the overarching message of exactly that – what possible improvements people can make and need to make in order for the world to cease deteriorating. Sea levels rising, species dying, pollution and climate change are samples of the ecological problems that are mentioned – problems that warrant people to take action. The short film ends with a message of hope, resonating with the notion that we need to unite to make a change.

Schwartzberg and Burns’s film was presented to world leaders at the United Nations Climate Summit, displaying that there are solutions to the global crisis that is climate change. The aim of the short film is for everyday people of the world to insist their leaders come together and create a better future for everyone. Motivational short films such as “What’s Possible” allow anyone with internet connection to spread awareness across the globe. The video was posted on a myriad of social networking websites, as well as popular web journals and online news blogs. On, you can watch the film, keep up with current climate events as well as sign petitions to make a political change advocating for the environment.


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