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College prioritizes ‘healthy eating’ at Eick

Student Government spearheads the Mindful Program. (Jenn Rén Alford / Photo Editor)
Student Government spearheads the Mindful Program. (Jenn Rén Alford / Photo Editor)

Campus Registered Dietician Aliz Holzmann, alongside Director of Dining Services Karen Roth and Area Marketing Coordinator Joanna Brunell, gave a presentation at the Student Government general body meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 1, suggesting to students ways to make smart decisions regarding their health.

“We want to promote healthy eating in a positive, forward-thinking way,” Roth said.

One of the new projects that the College’s dining team is working on is “Eat Right at Eick.” Every month, there will be a different seasonal food item featured in the Atrium in Eickhoff Hall. In September, a basket of different varieties of apples sat upon the counter near Ceva Pizza. On Wednesday, Oct. 22, the dining hall will be hosting a pumpkin-themed breakfast.

Another project that Holzmann is spearheading is the Mindful Program, which the College implemented last Fall.

“The Mindful Program includes the Mindful Mile,” she said. “It’s a way to get some exercise in while you ask me any health-related questions you might have.” The walk starts outside the 1855 Room on Mondays at noon.

The Mindful Program also enables an “easy choice for you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle,”  with the dining options in Eickhoff. There are instructions at stations in the dining hall so students can customize their meals to be lower in calories, sodium and saturated fat. At least two meals a day served in Eickhoff fit the Mindful criteria.

Now, students can find the Mindful Program in the C-Store, as well.

“Each month, there will be a different recipe listed in the C-Store that can be cooked in most residence halls, and all of the ingredients are available in the C-Store,” Holzmann said. In September, a berry banana smoothie recipe was available. This month, students can learn how to make a tuna avocado salad.

Holzmann also told Student Government members about the College’s Dining Services website, Students can go online to find recipes, instructions on how to schedule an appointment for a private consultation or to hear about upcoming events.

For Flavors of Fall on Tuesday, Oct. 7, Eickhoff will feature menu items like sweet potato bisque soup, cedar salmon on rotisserie and butternut squash ravioli. Taco Day on Tuesday, Oct. 14, will be held in the Lion’s Den. On Tuesday, Oct. 21, Dining Services and the College’s Indian Student Association will be celebrating Diwali. Best-selling author and owner of six restaurants Hari Nayak will be the guest chef at the event. There will be paneer makhani, tandoori chicken and rice samosas.


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