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London and Prague on study abroad schedule

By Tom Ballard

The fall semester is just upon the College and already students are being offered the chance to explore the world outside of Ewing in order to add variety to their education.

On Wednesday, Sept. 2, in the Social Sciences Building, the Center for Global Engagement (CGE) held the first of what is to be weekly sessions that will introduce students to the countless study abroad opportunities that are offered at the College.

CGE shares information about this year’s various study abroad destinations. (Tom Ballard / Correspondent)
CGE shares information about this year’s various study abroad destinations. (Tom Ballard / Correspondent)

Global Academic Outreach Coordinator Jennifer Margherito explained the basic information for students looking to study aboard.

“The best reason (to study abroad) is that it’s really going to be an impactful experience, whether it’s going to be impactful for your academic career, or your professional career,” Margherito said. “It sets you apart in the résumé and job seeking process… to have that extra experience it makes you better versed in cultural communication skills, which is becoming increasingly popular with companies going global.”

According to the CGE’s website, the College offers programs that take place in cities such as Heidelberg, London and Prague. The center also offers exchange programs in countries such as Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Tajikistan and Thailand.

“TCNJ programs are comparable in tuition to TCNJ’s tuition. There’s going to be very little difference (in cost),” Margherito said. “Excluding any plane tickets or spending money, tuition is pretty much the same.”

Margherito cautioned that students who use private programs to study abroad must make sure that they will receive credits for the courses they take, and check to make sure their state and federal financial aid will transfer over.

The center recently launched a new program directory, which can be found on the CGE’s website. The directory acts as a search engine, allowing students to be matched with certain programs by looking up destination providers and academic programs.

“I already knew that I wanted to study abroad,” freshman mechanical engineering major Gordon Filmyer said. “I would like to go to some place that I’ve never been before. I travel a lot … I know that there is a program, I think in Singapore, for civil engineers, and I believe there is an electrical engineering one in Spain.”

If students wish to apply to study abroad, they can apply online at the CGE’s website. According to Margherito, students are responsible for paying a fee that varies depending on the program and term. They must also complete the Academic Evaluation Form, write an essay explaining why they wish to study abroad and present two letters of recommendation written by professors.

Students can set up advisory meetings with staff members at the CGE in their office located in Green Hall room 111 to find out which program fits best, or they can meet with student mentors who have gone through specific programs.

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, CGE will be hosting their annual Study Abroad Fair in Alumni Grove from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. They will have program providers available to answer questions alongside students who have recently traveled abroad.


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