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Recap: Biggest stories over Winter Break

By Jennifer Goetz
Nation & World Editor

Here’s a look back on some of the most talked-about topics from the nation and world 2016 so far.

El Chapo: The known drug lord managed to escape from maximum security prison through a mirrored tunnel last summer, the New York Times reported, but on Friday, Jan. 8, he was finally recaptured in a gunfight.

Istanbul Explosion: A popular tourist area in Istanbul was attacked on Tuesday, Jan. 12, when an ISIS suicide bomber killed 10 people, CNN reported. This attack was similar to the other terrorist attacks in the recent months, such as in Paris, Beirut, Lebanon, Mali and Eygpt, the New York Times, reported. Bustling, populous places are becoming the norm for attacks such as this to occur.

Mourners place flowers at the site of the Istanbul terrorist attacks. AP Photo.
Mourners place flowers at the site of the Istanbul terrorist attacks. (AP Photo)


The Powerball Hype: The New York Times reported that people had a greater chance of being struck by lightning than of winning the $1.6 billion lottery. Three winners have claimed the Powerball after it was announced on Wednesday, Jan 13, CNN reported.

Presidential race: Debates on both the Democratic and Republican sides have taken place over the past few weeks. The polls released by CNN on Monday, Jan. 25, reveal that Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders has 46 percent of the poll, while Hillary Clinton has 44 percent. For the GOP, Donald Trump is in the lead with 31 percent and is followed by Senator Ted Cruz at 26 percent, according to the same CNN poll. The Iowa Caucus will be on Monday, Feb. 1, according to the Washington Post.

Water Crisis in Michigan: According to the New York Times, thousands of people were exposed to water contaminated with lead. In response, President Barack Obama issued a state of emergency.

The Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case: CNN reported that the Supreme Court will soon listen to a case that could make a difference about whether or not unions will be treated the same way as corportations. According to CNN, public school teachers in Northern California stepped forward to go protest paying dues to unions when they don’t agree with them. Union dues are not allowed in 25 states, and this decision could help eradicate mandatory union dues entirely, according to CNN. The unions maintain, however, that the money they are receiving is not for political purposes and mainly are benefitting all of the employees, whether they belong to the union or not.

Stock Market concerns: CNN reported that Dow dropped around 565 points Wednesday, Jan. 20. In 2016, the S&P 500 has fallen to 9 percent and the Dow has already dropped 1,658 points. The reason the Dow plunged on Jan. 20, is because of of the drop in crude oil prices. According to CNN, crude oil prices dropped below “27 dollars a gallon.” CNN reported that despite the concern, the stock market closed after losing just 247 points.

Detroit Teachers on Strike: Teachers made a statement by staging “walkouts” in protest of Detroit’s public schools conditions, according to CNN. The public schools went to court to put a halt to the sick outs, but as of Thursday, Jan. 21, the judged ruled in favor of the teachers, CNN reported.

Zika virus: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has issued a warning for pregnant women who plan on traveling to avoid countries that have had known cases of the Zika virus, according to CNN. This mosquito-born virus, according to CNN, has proven to cause birth defects.

Winter cleanup continues as the east coast recovers from Jonas. AP Photo.
Winter cleanup continues as the east coast recovers from Jonas. (AP Photo)

Blizzard of 2016: Winter Storm Jonas slammed the east coast after a relatively warm winter. It left thousands without power and caused coastal flooding, reported the New York Times. According to CNN, at least 27 weather-related deaths were attributed to this storm. Schools across the east coast were canceled on Monday, Jan. 25, but CNN reported that for residents in the Washington, D.C. area, it will be another few days before the snow is fully removed.


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