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College’s contract with Pepperidge Farm null for now

By Colleen Murphy                                                                                                 Editor-in-Chief

Goldfish, Pretzel Thins and Milano cookies are just some of the products that you will no longer find on campus in the near future. These, along with all other Pepperidge Farm products sold on campus, will not be shipped to the College due to regulatory issues, according to Patrice Mendes, Sodexo’s general manager at the College.

Sodexo had been purchasing directly from Pepperidge Farm and according to Mendes, like all companies that sell products on campus, Pepperidge Farm had to pass Sodexo’s strict requirements in order to have their products on campus. 

“We have certain criteria for the vendors we use in all our locations. Approved vendors pass strict requirements, such as having a (hazard analysis and critical control points)-approved facility for production and delivery,” Mendes said. “It is not that any aspects were not up to par, but rather that (Pepperidge Farm) had not yet begun the verification process as required to be approved (to be a vendor for Sodexo at the College). I would not want to imply the facilities are in any way substandard, as I do not believe they are. Completing the process allows us to verify and document that their facilities are in compliance.”

Bread is a staple in senior special education and women’s and gender studies double major Ashley Doctor’s diet, and she was quite frustrated to not find bread in the store until recently.

“I’m happy that Sodexo finally got replacements, but I think the response took too long and the lack of communication with the student body was unfair,” Doctor said. “I went into the (Convenience Store) C-Store and asked almost weekly what was happening to the delivery, but no one had any answers for me.”

According to Mendes, Sodexo does plan on bringing Pepperidge Farm products back to campus.

“We are working with our vendor to remedy this situation, and be assured they are as eager to return as we are to have them back. The process is not quick and requires verification of processes and inspections of facilities,” Mendes said.

Until the products return, Sodexo has found other companies from which to buy products. Last week, bread from an approved provider found its return to C-Store shelves. On Monday, Feb. 15, cookies were scheduled to be delivered to replace the rows that Pepperidge Farm products once held.

While Mendes said that she is unsure of when Pepperidge Farm products will be approved to return to the College, she assures students that there will continue to be similar products available in the interim.

Colleen Murphy


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