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SG passes bill establishing new procedure

By Alyssa Sanford
Web Editor

Student Government’s (SG) Wednesday, Feb. 17, general body meeting opened with a vote on BS-2016-01, an internal bill that will affect how the Governmental Affairs (GA) committee will proceed with constitutional review of student organizations.

“In light of the constitutional review that my committee has done over Winter Break, and even last year before I was VP, I want to make sure that me and future vice presidents (of GA) are responsible for responding to clubs in a timely manner with these amendments,” Vice President of GA Ceili Boles said.

Dozens of clubs found their Lion’s Gate pages frozen and their publicizing privileges, such as posting flyers, revoked on Wednesday, Feb. 10, for not submitting a revised constitution to GA for approval by Feb. 10, according to Boles.

The bill “is written to establish a new procedure for approving amendments for TCNJ-recognized organizations, such that the vice president of Governmental Affairs must respond when an organization submits an amendment to the committee within five business days,” Boles said, reading directly from the bill.

Members voted to approve the bill without debate.

Executive Vice President Javier Nicasio announced that SG and the College Union Board (CUB) were fully funded by the Student Finance Board (SFB) for Funival, the on-campus carnival that marks the end of the spring semester.

“It’s a very big event, so we’re going to need a lot of Student Government support,” said Nicasio, who noted that as co-sponsors, general body members will need to volunteer to staff the event.

Tyler Holzer, vice president of Administration and Finance, announced that the committee is still selling crewnecks for $25 apiece and beanies for $5 each.

Boles announced the viewing of the upcoming Republican debate that will air on Thursday, Feb. 25, ahead of the Tuesday, March 1, primary in Alabama. The viewing will be in room 103 of the Social Sciences Building, but as “the time has still not been released yet,” further details are forthcoming.

On Monday, March 21, GA will co-sponsor a mock debate with the College’s chapter of NAACP in room 115 of the Education Building from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., according to Boles.

The debate will “bring further awareness concerning the political process,” Boles said.

Sophomore class President Kelsey Capestro informed the general body that the class was able to deliver 150 Valentine’s Day cards to a local children’s hospital last week.

Carly Mauro, freshman class president, announced the class will start selling T-shirts for $15 apiece.

Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Head Senator Eashwayne Haughton announced that an “advising report” for HSS advisors is “in the works,” similar to the existing advising reports that the School of Business already has at the end of each semester, on which HSS students will be able to provide feedback on their academic advisers and indicate whether or not they were helpful.


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