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College beats admissions application record

By Janelle Fleming

This year, the College received a record number of 11,818 admission applications for the class of 2020.

“When I heard the news that (the College) broke our application record, I was just so happy to be a part of the Admissions staff during such an exciting time and grateful for the work that everyone on campus put into making this happen,’’ Admissions Counselor Angelica Rocco said.

An increase from the 11,257 applications received for the 2015-2016 year, 1,099 of them were from out-of-state applicants.

In addition to breaking the admissions record, the College was recently ranked third of the Best Regional Universities in the North and first among public colleges by U.S. News & World Report. The school also received the first campus-wide award for undergraduate research accomplishment from the Washington, D.C.-based Council on Undergraduate Research in October 2015.

Although there is an increase in the number of applicants each year, Rocco said that the College is still not considered one of the largest universities in the New Jersey-New York area.

“I think that we pride ourselves… on our medium size, since it combines the best of what a large university and a small college have to offer students,” Rocco said. “We’re hoping to continue to be considered one of the best colleges and universities in the (New Jersey-New York) area, but not necessarily the largest.”

The breaking of the record may not have been possible without the hard work from the staff of The Office of Admissions and countless other offices on campus, Rocco said.

“The Admissions staff plans a lot of recruitment travel throughout the year, with each member of our counseling staff making between 50 and 100 visits to high schools and college fairs during the fall semester alone,” Rocco said.

The College offers many events for prospective students, including Lions Day Open Houses, Overnight Hosting Programs and information sessions.

“I think that the individual, personalized connections that prospective students were able to make with members of the (College) community played a huge role in their decisions to apply to (the College),” Rocco said. “Every student has a different reason that they ultimately decide to apply to (the College).”

Although this is just one of many accomplishments, the Admissions office already has plans for breaking the record again next year, Rocco said.

“The Office of Admissions plans to break the record again for the 2017-2018 school year by continuing and improving upon the recruitment methods already in place and by keeping our prospective students in-the-loop about the exciting evolution that our campus in undergoing right now, including Campus Town, (Brower) Student Center renovations and our new STEM building,” Rocco said.


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