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‘Hitman Go’ entertains gamers

By Andrew Street
Social Media Editor

“Hitman Go” was released on the App Store and Google Play two years ago amid much fanfare. While mobile games often get bad reputations among traditional players, “Hitman Go” is surely worth your time. The “Definitive Edition” has now been released for Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita and the transition was executed perfectly.

“Hitman Go” does not offer the traditional “Hitman” experience. Yes, Agent 47 and his iconic red tie are back, but this isn’t a stealth action game. Instead, it involves turn-based strategy in the styling of a board game. Turn by turn, you must assist Agent 47 in reaching the end goal. To do this, you have to avoid, assassinate or distract the guards that stand in your way. You are allowed to move one space per turn and after each move, the enemies are allowed to make their move. It’s a battle of outclassing these guards to collect intel and escape without being noticed.

While the gameplay may be simplistic, it is addictive and entertaining. As I progressed deeper into the levels, the difficulty began to spike and I found myself enjoying the game more and more. Solving a puzzle and executing a perfect level was rewarding. Each level conquered felt like an achievement I had earned due to the amount of effort it required. It became easy to jump into the game and waste long periods of time progressing through each stage. This was especially true on the PlayStation Vita, as the game just feels perfect for pick-and-play moments while on the move.

While “Hitman Go” lacks a narrative, it makes up for it with its gameplay and art style. The game sports a minimalist design that feels perfect for what it is. It resembles a neat and simplistic board game — one that would require too much time to set up and experience, but one that still features an amazing design.

The game’s performance on both PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 is great. As expected, Sony’s home console ran the game smoothly with zero hiccups. Surprisingly, the Vita version also holds up extraordinarily well. I saw no stuttering or frame drops on either platform. Additionally, the game handled cross-save between the two platforms better than most. A simple button click synced game data between the different devices, making it a seamless experience to pick up wherever you left off.

In the end, although “Hitman Go” is a mobile game ported to consoles, it doesn’t make it an experience to miss. It’s an extraordinary turn-based strategy game that will keep you entertained for a few hours. Each conquered puzzle is a worthwhile achievement and picking up and playing was an excellent time killer. Whether you go for the “Definitive Version” or chose the original on mobile, “Hitman Go” is a game well worth your time and money.


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