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Campus Style: Shea Paytas

By Jordan Koziol

Name: Shea Paytas
Year: Senior
Major: Management

Paytas’s style is inspired by the ’80s. (Photo Courtesy of Jordan Koziol)
Paytas’s style is inspired by the ’80s. (Photo Courtesy of Jordan Koziol)

JK: How would you describe your style?
SP: A mix of outrageous and classic clothing. For example, I’ll pair bright and patterned pants with classic button downs. 

JK: What are you wearing?
SP: A denim worker shirt from Gap, J. Crew khakis rolled up at the bottom, a Columbia ski jacket from the thrift shop and leather desert boots.

JK: Who is your fashion icon?
SP: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He always looked awesome.

JK: What’s your favorite style decade?
SP: The ’80s. It was all about bright, crazy styles. I like the generation’s workout and MC Hammer pants.

JK: What’s your favorite places to shop?
SP: The thrift store. At school, I go to Red White & Blue in Trenton, N.J., while at home (in Union, N.J.), I shop at Unique Thrift Store. I like finding wind breakers or bright colored articles there.

JK: What is one trend you don’t understand?
SP: I really can’t stand sagging pants or pants that hang below people’s butts.

JK: What “makes” the outfit for a guy?
SP: A nice pair of slacks.

JK: You’ve dabbled in the fashion industry. Tell us a little about your experience.
SP: Sophomore year, my friend Tom Athan and I started a company called Dudz. We were inspired by a pair of pants from the ’90s at a thrift shop, so we decided to make our own. When we began, we got materials from discount stores, and then when business picked up, we moved to wholesalers. We did 80 custom orders in 2013.

JK: Describe the pants in three words.
SP: Comfortable, bright and outrageous.

JK: What was your favorite pants design?
SP: They were black with a gold abstract bamboo pattern.

JK: Did you have any surprising customers?
SP: My uncle. He’s a “manly-man” and bought the brightest, most outrageous pair.

JK: What’s the latest on the company?
SP: We retrofitted the model and renamed the company — now it’s called Mojos. The new brand takes inspiration from ’80s workout pants and blends it with a modern athletic fit. The business is on pause for now.

JK: Will you pick it up post-graduation?
SP: Well, Tom is going to abroad to teach and I will be traveling, but it’s definitely an option down the road. It’s something I’d like to pursue in the future.


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