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Student artists showcase talent at Arter’s Market

By Kristin Dipede

Under the starry evening sky, students at the College displayed their artwork at the Winter Arter’s Market outside the Art and Interactive Multimedia (AIMM) Building on the night of Friday, Dec. 2, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the AIMM courtyard. Each piece of art displayed demonstrated the creativity of each artist.

Hosted by Rebel Arts Movement, a community organization comprising artists and art lovers, the festive string lights adorning the balcony and the music set the mood as the artists displayed and sold their artwork. Upon entering the event, one may have seen a grand dirt pile, which the artist spoke with great satisfaction about his vision in seeing dirt as art.

Further down the path were items sporting the College’s letters that students were sure to swoop in and grab. There were canvas paintings of New Jersey filled in with various patterns and colors while another seller distributed tie-dyed TCNJ Trendy Tees with a paint-splattered “TCNJ” written across the front and multiple colors and designs from which to choose.

Student artist’s showcase their work at College (Envato Elements).

Danielle Davis, a junior graphics design major, used the art sale to sell and display her various paintings, and her designs included anime characters and interesting patterns. Along with her paintings and pastel drawings, Davis had detailed graphic design drawings.

“Ever since I was young, I just liked to draw and paint,” Davis said. “Some of the artists here have had this artistic skill and passion since they could talk.”

Although she is a graphics design major, Davis now prefers a specific method of drawing.

“I used to prefer paintings, but now I just really like to use pencil,” she said.

Other students used their abilities in a more practical way by placing their artwork of animals, for example, onto iPhone cases.

Colorful and comfortable pillows and blankets with either a swirled tie-dyed or floral knit pattern was another option that customers could choose to purchase.

Unlike the common jewelry pieces, artists sold white lace chokers in a variety of patterns and sizes. More fashionable art pieces included knit scarves with multi-colored, plaid patterns just in time for the winter season.

The inside of the AIMM Building provided a world of artistic, creative pieces that included human portraits that displayed the artists’ true attributes. Despite the cold weather, everyone from artists to visitors enjoyed the evening.


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