Monday, January 18, 2021
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‘User-Centered Musical Design’ students Enhance RWJUH Music Therapy Experience

The College’s School of the Arts and Communication partnered with Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) to build upon the hospital’s existing holistic arts programs. The program, which currently includes wellness treatments such as art therapy, meditation, pet therapy and reiki, is now expanding its branch of music therapy. 

Senior fine arts majors present in-person show

“We have put our hearts into our work and putting these shows together,” Gilston said. “What I love about the community of artists I’ve found at TCNJ is that we honor our differences, and we’re able to come together to collaborate on our work. We’re like a family.”

Cartoonist explores social justice through artwork

Students and faculty uncovered the power of cartoons as they delved into the connection between humor and human rights with well-known creator Liza Donnelly.

Students cultivate creativity in Visual Scores workshop

Yixuan Pan, a Chinese-born artist based out of Philadelphia, hosted a Visual Scores workshop on Friday, Oct. 25, at the College’s Art Gallery.

Students celebrate Da Vinci 500 years after his death

Students from the College’s Italian classes and the Italian Club gathered in the Library Auditorium on Oct. 16 to uncover the rich history of Leonardo Da Vinci through an insightful lecture.

Sarnoff Collection celebrates Museum Day

Smithsonian Magazine’s “Year of Music” found itself inside the walls Roscoe West Hall for its third annual Museum Day on Saturday, Sept. 21.

Exhibit puts New York scientists in spotlight

Featuring an inspiring and experience-emphasized discussion panel, the College’s Citizen/Art Exhibition allowed artists to showcase their creations and careers to students and members of the Ewing community in the Art and Interactive Multimedia Building’s art gallery on Sept. 11.

Senior fine arts majors impress at LOUD exhibit

Twelve senior fine arts majors spearheaded the grand opening of their senior showcase, LOUD, on Saturday, May 4 at 1 p.m, displaying their self-designed projects that they have been working on since January.

Alumnus’ distinctive career merges art, business

When Faller attended the College, he switched his major from biology to art and art history, which helped him garner a wide range of skills and use the interdisciplinary knowledge to his advantage. Now working in New York City as a professional art investor and

Senior Showcase celebrates graphic design majors

Graphic design students put their creative genius on display at their senior showcase on April 7 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Art and Interactive Multimedia art gallery.

Water Bar makes waves in IMM gallery

Water, especially the water we drink, never seems to get much of a second thought, but the College has set out to change that. The second installment of the TCNJ Art Gallery’s exhibition

‘Velvet Buzzsaw’ shreds expectations

The new film “Velvet Buzzsaw” is caught between a quintessential chick flick and a tolerable horror film. If you take away the thrilling aspects of the new Netflix original, it’s about successful art gallery workers trying to make it big

‘Springs Eternal’ display makes splash

Although it is needed to sustain life, water is often seen as basic and ordinary — many ignore its subtle beauty, strength and the magnitude of its presence. Last week, the College decided to put this topic on display.

Student sell original works at Arter’s Market

This annual event allows students to express creativity through their art and make items they may not normally produce in their classes.
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