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SG takes stand against College’s Homecoming policy

By Megan Kelly
Staff Writer

Student Government passed another resolution at its Wednesday, Feb. 22, meeting, which states that SG does not support the recently adopted Homecoming Tailgate alcohol policy that only allows alcohol to be sold from third-party vendors.

According to resolution R-S2017-02, SG believes the changes “discouraged both alumni and students from attending,” and the lengthy amount of time attendees spent waiting in line for alcohol detracted from their experience and the time they could have spent socializing.

The resolution also acknowledges a poll that used to be on The Signal’s website in which 76 percent of the 430 people who took the poll were against the changes to the alcohol policy.

In addition, SG feels the prices of the beer and wine sold at this year’s tailgate were unfair and overpriced. The members hope the College will revert back to Fraternal Information and Programming Group guidelines, which allow for one six-pack per person over the age of 21 and does not allow wine or hard liquor, according to Executive President Kevin Kim. The resolution was supported 36-17 with three abstentions.

SG believes the current alcohol policy discourages Homecoming attendance. (Jason Proleika / Photo Editor)

Vice President of Academic Affairs Alex Moulder said he met with Sharon Blanton, chief information officer and vice president for Information Technology, to discuss changing the Course Evaluation Feedback forms that students fill out at the end of each semester.

“We’re looking to… minimize the number of questions they ask so you’re not bombarded with 30, 40 questions, and so we’re looking to bring it down to 10 questions,” Moulder said. Vice President of Student Services Lindsay Thomas announced that there will be a T-shirt swap on March 29.

The T-shirt that will be swapped with students’ old T-shirts is still being designed.

Vice President of Community Relations Michael O’Connor said he will be purchasing the wood to buy the Adirondack chairs he is hoping to have installed all over campus soon.

The Class of 2018 also received full funding for its TCNJ’s Got Talent event, which will take place on April 13 in Kendall Hall.


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