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Campus Style: Chic slip-on shoes

By Jillian Greene

Steve Madden’s Softey-style, slip-on shoe has become a popular trend today. If you don’t know what the Softey-style is, let me enlighten you: it’s a slip-on shoe with a thick fur strap that runs across the top of your foot.

Although I was first introduced to this style by Steve Madden while shopping in the Macy’s shoe department, just about every brand makes some variation of them. At first there were three main colors that Steve Madden offered — black, pink and grey.

Initially, I bought the black pair because I thought they wouldn’t get dirty and were the most neutral color the designer brand offered. But I soon went back and purchased the pink pair, too. The pink shoes are my favorite of the two, but because they are a lighter color, I have to make sure they stay clean.

Slip-on shoe with a thick fur strap that runs across the top of your foot (envato elements).

Due to the several brands that manufacture these slip-on shoes, the prices vary from affordable to a little over the top.

These shoes are a personal favorite of mine because they match perfectly with my style. I find them to be comfortable, fashionable and versatile for any outfit. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, leggings, yoga pants or just about anything you want.

The best part is that when cooler weather comes you can wear them as comfy slippers around the house. Because I love them so much, I don’t tend to categorize them completely as slippers, but I do know several people who look down upon those who wear them in public.

That’s where one of my favorite fashion tips comes into play: If you like what you’re wearing, who cares what anyone else thinks? The only person who has to like your outfit, shoes or accessories is you. As classes have started, I’m thrilled to see many of these Softey-style shoes trending around campus.


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