September 24, 2020

Lions Plate: Microwaved potato chips

By Julia Dzurillay

With this new recipe from the Culinary Club, you can skip waiting in long supermarket lines for a simple bag of potato chips. If you’re hungry for something crunchy to snack on, look no further than your dorm room microwave. This microwavable potato chip recipe allows you to try something new and is perfect for an afternoon of creativity.

There’s a variety of delicious toppings you can add to satisfy your cravings. After your potato chips are cooked, add vinegar, salt or pepper. Dunk the chips in barbecue sauce, ketchup or salsa. Add cheddar cheese — and microwave for an additional 30 seconds — if want to make nachos from scratch. Whether you choose to add toppings or condiments, or you choose to eat them plain, this recipe can be as customizable as you’d like.

Homemade potato chips are a crunchy delight. (Flickr)

1 medium sized potato
2 tbsps of olive oil
1 tbsp of salt
Pepper (if desired)

1. Thinly slice the potato and place the slices on a paper towel.
2. Place another paper towel over the potato slices and gently press down to absorb the excess moisture.
3. Let potatoes dry.
4. After the potatoes have dried, place the slices in a bowl.
5. Evenly coat the potatoes with two tbsps of olive oil.
6. Transfer the potatoes to a microwave safe plate.
7. Sprinkle with one tablespoon of salt or as much as desired.
8. Microwave potatoes for three minutes.
9. Flip the potatoes to the opposite side.
10. Microwave for an additional three minutes, or until golden brown.
11. Let cool for five minutes.
12. Sprinkle again with salt and pepper, and add toppings if desired.

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