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Interim vice president of Student Affairs set to depart

By Miguel Gonzalez
Sports Editor

College President R. Barbara Gitenstein announced on April 25 that Angela Lauer Chong, the interim vice president of student affairs, will be departing after nearly nine years at the College. 

Chong has recently accepted the position of associate vice president for student affairs at Florida State University, according to Gitenstein.

In her time at the College, Chong was the associate dean of students, dean of students, assistant vice president for student affairs and the interim director of athletics.

Chong speaks at a Student Government meeting. (Miguel Gonzalez / Sports Editor)

Several executive team members at the division of student affairs have praised Chong’s strong contribution to the College.

Sean Stallings, the interim associate vice president for students affairs, believes Chong’s most distinguished accomplishments are rewriting the student conduct code and working diligently at the Division of Student affairs. Stallings commends Chong’s efforts to reform many issues concerning the student body.

“We have seen immeasurable contributions through governance, departmental reorganizations, clear understandings of Students Rights and Freedoms, mental health advocacy and much more,” Stallings said.

Elizabeth Bapasola, the assistant vice president for student affairs, applauds Chong’s effort to communicate with the student body.

“Angela has done an incredible job reaching out to students to hear their concerns and do all she can to address them,” Bapasola said.

Chong has tabled with Student Government cabinet officers in the Brower Student Center, chatted with numerous students during lunch and met regularly with SG members, according to Bapasola.

Most recently, Chong facilitated the Critical Conversations forum in the wake of student counter-protests against the Bible Believers.    

Bapasola also highlighted Chong’s leadership and decision-making for the Division of Student affairs.

“She leads with grace and emotional intelligence and does a superb job bringing people together to reach shared goals,” Bapasola said. “I appreciate Angela’s thoughtful approach to decision-making, her values-driven leadership style and her ability to build authentic relationships with students, faculty and staff in order to best serve the institution.”

Susie Orecchio, the director of administration and operations for Student Affairs, has witnessed Chong forge vital relationships since Orecchio joined the Division of Student Affairs in 2014.

“Angela gives the perfect balance of support and empowerment, and she truly values and appreciates her team,” Orecchio said. “She is a remarkable role model and I have learned so much from her.”

Bapasola says the College will miss Chong as she heads out to her new position at Florida State.

“Angela strives for excellence in all endeavors and I admire her ability to remain nimble and steady in challenging and every-changing circumstances,” Bapasola said. “I am so grateful to have worked for and with her during my time at TCNJ, and she will be greatly missed.”


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