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Campus Style: College Essentials

By Lexy Yulich

Whether you are returning to campus or you have just started as a new student, there are certain essentials that every college student needs in their wardrobe. Packing for college can be overwhelming, but with my list of wardrobe must haves, preparing for the new semester will be a breeze! Here are some things you should bring:

  1.     A variety of lounge clothes: While you may expect to dress up everyday of the semester, in reality there will be times where you wake up moments before your class at 8 a.m. class because you were studying until dawn. Having a few go-to comfortable pieces such as leggings, your favorite College spirit wear or an oversized T-shirt will make those early mornings easier. In addition, embrace the versatility of baseball hats to get through a bad hair day.
  2.     Several pieces of professional clothing: You never know when you have to dress professionally, so having at least one business casual and business professional outfit will only benefit you in the long run. Whether you have an internship, interview or your professor requests that you dress professionally for a presentation, keeping one or two professional outfits will make your life easier. I recommend having a pair of dress pants or a skirt, two blouses and one blazer, all with a neutral color scheme so you can mix and match.
  3.     Layers, layers and more layers: Late summer and early fall bring unpredictable weather. There’s always the chance that it is chilly in the morning, hot in the afternoon and chilly again at night. Having pieces that can easily be layered will make your life easier when you have an early class or you have to be on campus for long amounts of time. Pieces such as flannels, chunky cardigans and light jackets will be necessary for fall’s unpredictable weather. One of my favorite layered outfits is a pair of black leggings, an oversized gray T-shirt, a light army green jacket and a comfortable pair of sandals.
  4.     Evening clothes: While you don’t need to bring every single dress or skirt you own, having a few dressy pieces in your college wardrobe will come in handy. Whether you are going out to dinner with your friends, going on a date or your parents come for your birthday dinner, having a dressy outfit or two is essential. I suggest bringing a black dress that you can accessorize for any occasion, a denim skirt and a pair of non-ripped black jeans, as well as a pair of wedges or dressy sandals.
  5.     Athletic clothes: Whether you are going to a group fitness class in the Recreation Center, hitting the gym after class or running the loop, having a few workout outfits that you feel confident in is key.


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