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Classic Signals: Alumni relations change with time

While relationships with alumni remain important to the College, the way in which the school interacts with its graduates has changed with time.

In a 1941 issue of The Signal, there is an article titled “Summer Sees Ten Alumni Take Vows; Graycar, Long Among Those Married.” This article lists the summer marriages of 10 different alumni and goes into detail about where the couple will reside, what organizations they were involved in on campus and even the members of their bridal party.

Today, it is hard to imagine that the personal lives of alumni would be as newsworthy.

The College chronicles alumni marriages. (Photo courtesy of the TCNJ digital archive)

’36 Miss Bertha E. Whitehurst, of Trenton, became the bride of Horace W. Fallow, of Trenton, on July 19. While at college she was a member of Sigma Sigma Sorority. The couple reside on Edinburg Road, Mercerville.

’37 Meyer Millman married Miss Garie Soloman, of New York, on August 10. The couple will reside in Palmyra. ’37 Miss Madeline M. VanArsdale became the bride of Henry Joseph Shyers on August 9. Among the bridal party were Miss Dorothy Cichon, ’37; Miss Betty Hopkins, ’37; Mrs. George Malone, nee Eleanor Walker, ’37, and Mrs. Richard Titus, nee Adelaide Van Osten, ’36. Mrs. Shyers is a member of the faculty of the Berkeley Heights School. While at college she was a member of Philomathean Sigma Sorority. Mr. and Mrs. Shyers will make their home in Union.


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