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Campus Style: Mindful Shopping

By Lexy Yulich

Shopping is both an exhilarating and stressful experience. The goal is to walk into a store and find something that not only fits and makes you feel confident, but also doesn’t break the bank. In college, shopping can be a great way to treat yourself after a long week, but if you enter a store with the wrong mindset, your day of relaxation can be interrupted.

The concept of mindfulness, or state of being conscious of something, is a popular way of thinking. You can be mindful no matter where you are or what you’re doing, even when trying on clothes in the fitting room. Here are three tips on how to have a relaxing and mindful shopping experience.

  1. Try to enter a store with a goal in mind. Whether you are shopping for a birthday outfit, internship apparel or simply want to purchase something that you feel radiant in, have a mental conservation with yourself before you enter the store. Ask yourself, “What is going to make me happy,” “How much do I want to spend” and “How long am I going to spend searching for clothes?” I try not to have an overly specific idea of what I am shopping for. For example, when I shop for an extremely specific outfit, I am usually unable to find what I wanted and end up feeling disappointed. Instead, I let go of my expectations and search for an outfit that attracts me in the moment.
  2. Search for brands that align with your morals and standards. Whether you are into vegan, cruelty-free brands, brands that are centered in the U.S. or a brand that does not use retouching on their models, find a company that not only inspires you but aligns with who you are. For example, American Eagle hires models who are plus sized and models with disabilities. They also do not edit their photos in an effort to showcase the natural beauty of women.
  3. Decide what trends align with your style. The fashion industry is constantly developing new trends, and it can often be overwhelming to discern which trends you truly like and which trends you support because they are popular. Wearing clothes only because they are popular among your peers, celebrities or other influencers won’t fulfill you. Just because a style is popular does not mean that you have to wear it. When you go shopping, look for clothing that makes you smile and brings you joy, regardless of whether it is “in style” right now.


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