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Campus Style: When to Save and When to Splurge

By Lexy Yulich

When is it wise to splurge on an outfit and when is it smart to save and opt for a less expensive option? Knowing how to manage your money in college is crucial, and while there are some items you should invest in because of their quality and durability, there are some pieces of clothing and accessories that you don’t need to spend a large chunk of your paycheck on. Here are some easy tips to help you navigate the process.

  1. Ask yourself how much you plan on wearing the item. If you think you’ll only wear it a few times because the shirt has a loud print or the shoes are not that comfortable, then your best bet is to find a more affordable alternative. If you think you’ll wear the shoes multiple times per week, or if the cute jeans you found fit well and go with almost any outfit, you should splurge.
  2. Sweaters and cold weather clothing. You should try to find higher quality items for cold weather clothing. When you shop for coats, warm sweaters and vests, always try the pieces on to make sure the material is comfortable and will keep you warm. Just because a jacket looks stylish does not mean it’s going to keep you warm. I always recommend spending a little more money on cold weather items because the more expensive items are often made with more insulation and will last longer. The same goes for boots. You can purchase inexpensive boots, but chances are they won’t last for more than a season.
  3. Trend pieces. Typically, items that are in style are not worth spending a lot of money on. In the fashion industry, trends ebb and flow rather quickly. Of course, if it’s something that you are in love with, and you want to spend money on it, then go for it. If you find a trend that you like but don’t want to purchase a piece from high-end brands, check out stores like Forever 21 and H&M. They often recreate name brand trends for a fraction of the cost.


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