October 29, 2020

Campus Style: Fall Jacket Guide

By Lexy Yulich

Picture this —  you’re just about ready to walk to class in a cozy sweater, jeans and boots. You grab your backpack and walk outside when the cold air smacks you in the face, making you question why you didn’t dress warmer. Even though it is a short walk, you still need a jacket to keep you warm. Here are five popular and practical jackets to help you prepare for the colder days ahead.

Jean jackets can be paired with any outfit. (Instagram)
  1. Rain jackets. They will keep you protected from the rain and wind, but beware, not all rain jackets will keep you warm. If you want an all-weather jacket, look for one that has a lining inside the jacket and a drawstring hood in case the wind picks up.
  2. Knee length jacket (or longer). As the temperatures drop, you are going to want something that blocks the cold air. The longer the jacket, the more it keeps you warm. Look for jackets with pockets to keep your hands warm too.
  3. Trench coat. Trench coats are perfect for days when you want to look professional for your job, internship or interview. I personally like wearing a light brown trench coat for a classic look, but there is a wide variety of colors and variations to the classic trench coat.
  4. Fuzzy jacket. Fuzzy jackets and teddy jackets are one of the most popular trends of the season. Everywhere I look, stores are selling jackets that not only keep you warm, but that are also comfortable. If you don’t want to pay a lot of money for a fuzzy jacket, check out stores such as TJMaxx, Forever 21 and H&M for discounted prices that won’t make you sacrifice your savings for style.
  5. Jean jackets. I will always be a jean jacket person! There are so many outfit combinations that you can make with jean jackets, and you can dress them up or down. For example, you could wear a simple black dress, a dark denim jacket and fall booties for a fall evening look. A more relaxed look can be achieved with a jean jacket, leggings, an oversized T-shirt and slip-on sneakers.

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